Vacation Home

It’s our home away from home.

After we drop off daddy in the morning (which have actually evolved into my favorite mornings, working side by side to get diapers changed, bottles made, coffee poured and get piled into the car seamlessly in about 15 minutes, then praying together as a family and our rare spousal conversing en route),  we head over.

When we arrive, I pour myself a 2nd cup of coffee (or warm my unfinished cup) and sit.

I’m always so amazed watching them play so independently, so quietly, so nicely.

It’s a magical place for this to happen for hours.

I’m sure the extra space and special toys don’t hurt but I think it’s much more than that. I’m pretty sure they can sense a peaceful home overflowing with true love.

The girls have their very own private swim instructor (who always makes learning to swim a fun experience)

Heck, we have our own private pool and lounging area as the ocean breeze cools our faces.

All babes have their own beds to rest in and take 3 hour naps after lots of time in the sun

And despite what Mimi thinks, the fridge is always stocked with healthy snacks for our taking

And, I get to chat with my best friend about motherhood, as we marvel at the uniqueness in each of God’s creations, discuss house projects, the evils of the world of just how we’re feelin’

It’s always a special time for everyone.

We are SO blessed with a vacation home so tranquil, so beautiful, so close and filled with so many blessings. Oh, and the owners happen to be our favorite people! 😉






2 Responses to Vacation Home

  1. SO fun! We need to go vacationing with you guys. The kids look like they have the best time ever! Who wouldn’t over there, its beautiful and relaxing and FUN! 🙂 So glad you guys have these special memories with your family. What a great blessing.

  2. Marisa, thank you for your most affirming words. We are never happier than when we are sharing what we have with our family. We feel so privileged that you actually want to come and spend time with two old foggies! Your family makes us feel young and invigorated. THANK YOU for sharing your treasures with us.

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