Still Summering (& a school plan)

We are still summering and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Yes, while there are many philosophical reasons (in line with classical Pre-Cartesian philosophy) for our decision to home educate, I have to be completely honest, a big reason this whole “homeschooling” thing appealed to me was the freedom and the flexibility. Once we discovered the CLAA, a program where I am not the teacher, I repeat, I am NOT the one creating a curriculum, preparing materials and grading papers but rather the facilitator (& co-student) of a method and style of learning that has proven to be great over centuries, the whole reality seemed so much more exciting! Uh, beach day, I mean, field trip any day of the week to learn about barnacles, horseshoe crabs and brachiopods, I’m in! Sure it’s a lot of work to have them with me almost around the clock but the last thing I want to do be doing is loading and unloading soon-to-be 4 kids ages 5 and under for daily drop off and pick up. I also realize this is the only time in my journey as full-time mommy where the biggest little is only 5 and the pressures aren’t quite as great for academics and keeping to a strict schedule as say when Spicy is studying Rhetoric and Dialectic, Sweet is beginning Latin Grammar 1 and Serious is mastering the Latin alphabet 😉 so you better believe I’m gonna take advantage and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime stage. Sure, it’s draining but it’s also so, so incredibly wonderful to be able to walk on the beach, enjoying my momma and a fresh cinnamon roll the size of my head as we become children again and just enjoy the present moment. Or be apart of his first … falling asleep on the swing…

 But with all the talk about school starting and the “school year”, I figured I should come up with a “plan” for Spicy. Truth is, we never really took a whole 3 month summer vacation from schooling or learning. We just slowed things down a bit and filled in the gaps with lots of practice in various learning/activity books, including a Grade 1-2 beginning Physics Experiment book that she absolutely loves (all from the dollar bin at Target) and lots and lots of reading. Believe it or not, she can read a whole chapter of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by herself, yeah the same one I think I read in 4th grade! Here you are reading the “Tiny Bear Bible” Book:

Ah yes, and lots and lots of socializing, you know, to make up for the lack of “socialization” that goes on with homeschooled kids. 😉 So, here goes. My plan/goal is to finish up the CLAA Petty School by Thanksgiving at which point we will take a break (1-3 months if necessary while she reviews her notebook of all Petty School lessons) as we all adjust and transition into our new family of 6. Then, probably sometime before her 6th birthday (Spring I’m guessing), Spicy will start in the CLAA Core Curriculum including Latin Grammar 1 (the course daddy is struggling through although insists Spicy will have an easier time than he), Arithmetic and Catechism 1. That’s it! Sounds pretty simple and actually, it is!

So, although we squeezed in a lesson today while the babies were napping, that looked something like this (After the 38 slides of intense content):

…There will continue to be plenty of opportunities for this (especially as the beaches become less crowded)…

Hmmm, yeah I think that plan sounds good, mommy…


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  1. You are doing an absolutely awesome job “facilitating” but I know from first hand experience that you are doing much more than merely overseeing a pre=prescribed program. Teaching is so much more than curriculum, materials and grading. The essence of effective teaching is caring for the welfare of the student and putting their learning first and foremost and doing everything you can to motivate and facilitate their learning. Creating this learning environment is as important as anything and I know you do all of these things. Great Job and Alizea is the fruit of your efforts!!

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