Lil’ Cowboy

A very sweet, thoughtful family member sent these adorable cowboys boots for the lil guy’s birthday. A great reason for a spontaneous photo shoot!

I think he would’ve done just fine in the Wild Wild West

Every morning, sometimes even before the girls awake, our routine is to go out front and as he plays outside,  I get breakfast ready (such a blessing I can watch him from the kitchen window and know he’s completely enclosed/safe) or just sit on the porch as I gather my thoughts and sleepily formulate my prayers for the day. He has no problems wandering and exploring without even noticing a single toy, just picking up leaves, picking bark off the trees, playing in the dirt,

or watching the cars go by.

Oh, little buddy, you are such an incredible blessing to your momma and your family! I can’t get over how independent, tough, content and happy you are!

But even a cowboy has a soft spot 😉

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  1. I can’t tell you how special and what a joy it has been for me to work at your house and be privileged to watch our little guy grow and develop. I just love watching his unique personality develop, distinctly different from his siblings. Yes, he is quite the explorer and ever curious and so independent. He is indeed all boy!!! Great photos that capture him so well.

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