Nesting on crack (Open Shelving in Kitchen)

I was talking to my dear friend, Emily, a couple months back and amongst other things, we were talking about my new pregnancy and “nesting”.Ā  She referred to my instinct as ‘nesting on crack”. Ā  IĀ  chuckled thinking she was exaggerating since at the time, I was in the trenches of nausea and fatigue where “survival” was the name of the game and preparing a nest was the furthest thing from my mind. Well, I’m now in my “prime time” and I’m starting to think she may have had a point šŸ˜‰

Each pregnancy from about the middle of the 2nd trimester into the 1st month of the 3rd trimester (before I become completely incapacitated ,waddling to and fro, swollen feet in the air more often than underneath me) I get that surge of energy and inspiration that you hear about referred to as nesting. But I don’t just get the itch to clean a drawer here and there or make a headband or 2 for the baby girl, I go nuts! Purging, organizing, deep cleaning and of course, I can’t leave out…painting, yes, often times whole rooms if “necessary”.

So, part of the problem reason is that there are a couple decorator/momma bloggers I follow and once in awhile I stumble upon an idea that doesn’t require a lot of money or time, I get excited to the point that it keeps me up at night while baby girl is doing somersaults until I give it a try. This is 1 such blog and her brilliant idea for the open shelving look in the kitchen…

So pretty, huh? And can you believe all that it required was a screwdriver and some leftover paint… (Assuming you have the dishes you want to display which I did!)

So, Here is my before:

Then, the most challenging part…Finding a new home for all of this…which naturally led to emptying, wiping, cleaning, purging and organizing every other shelf in the kitchen…

But it was needed, badly! I don’t think I had emptied or re-organized the shelves, well, ever! Example: I got rid of a set of margarita and Martini glasses from our wedding that we hadn’t used once (we’re more of wine drinkers šŸ˜‰ ) and they were taking up so much space!
The After:

I’ve been so surprised how easily it has been to keep it looking this way. Because in reality, the top 2 shelves are “display” (used for small or large parties, minus the wine glasses) which were being “displayed” behind closed doors before, anyway. And the bottom shelves are our every day dishes so it leaves no room for guessing where they go. The hubster even admitted he is afraid to mess things up and he’ll rinse a glass before grabbing another one. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Less dishes to wash? SUCCESS!!!! šŸ™‚

Here’s a closer look:

I wish the inside of the cabinets were stained (like in my inspiration photo above) but I think that’s an easy enough project to add to my list. All for the new baby, of course because she will most definitely notice it, hehe šŸ˜‰

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  1. You really “opened” up the kitchen with your unceasing creativity and handiwork. I’m so proud of you in that you did the whole project without any help or advice from ole’ dad. Maybe that’s why it came out so nice!!!

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