Baby Soto #4 Unveiling

Well, here it is. The exciting time we had guessing, wondering and then discovering our baby’s sex!

That little exchange between the hubby & I was because he told me his video quit just before Alizea opened the envelope!!! I was so disappointed because somehow I missed that Aunt Yoli was video taping the whole thing too! Aunt Yoli, you’re the BEST!!!!!

In case you missed it in the video, Alizea was beyond excited!

Later that evening, she said, with a giggle, that her wish came true. I just love that! 🙂

Once again, we welcome you, baby girl (said with a big grin) where we remain the majority and Soren, the king!

We’ve got a couple names picked out for you already but I’m waiting to get some kind of confirmation from above (or just see which passes the test of time… and grimaces and comments from the Peanut Gallery since they are, unique) 😉

Until then, I am enjoying talking to you about sitting still when I put bows in your hair (since more than likely, you will have hair) and feeling your movements getting stronger by the day night!

And for the baby books (because I’m not exactly thrilled that I’ve gained more weight already than most woman gain their entire 9 months), here is the 1st (I’m pretty sure I already had 10 by now with Miss Spicy) belly shot at about 20-22ish weeks (there is still some confusion over my due date which I hope to get clarified at my next Dr’s appointment) And yes, I get a lot of “You’re only 5 months!?” or “Wow, you’re big!” comments. I usually just say “yeah I’m having triplets” and walk away after picking their jaw up off the ground 😀

Ignore the post-carrying baby while he pulled out my hair-do. Dean failed to mention it was slightly messy. whatever!

It’s all downhill from here…yeah!!


4 Responses to Baby Soto #4 Unveiling

  1. awww. That’s was the cutest! 🙂
    Congrats to baby girl # 4. I think you look awesome, perfect, and cute. And if they say otherwise I consider them jealous that they didn’t look that good when they were prego. 😉

    God bless you guys and again congrats to the little one growing inside 🙂

  2. Haha you totally held your composure when you thought dean missed the whole thing on video (I would have been SOO obviously mad at Ryan…haha). Thank GOD for your aunt saving the day though!! that was great footage on her part, phew! Soren is SO gonna be the king!

  3. Hello my precious niece, wow, that is fantastic, love watching the video, so happy I was useful and most of all being PART OF THIS BEAUTIFUL MOMENT.! LOVE YOU AUNT YOLI

  4. Alizea’s expressions are priceless. She is sooooooo expressive in everything she does. The theater may have a place for her in the future! The day was magical again, as we celebrated the impending arrival of another gift from God!! I still love the anticipation period prior to birth when my mind tries to picture how this new one will be uniquely different and ever so special. And you, Marisa, are a stunningly beatiful woman who happens to be pregnant!!

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