A Hot August Night

Yes it was.

But that might have been also because we were shaking our booties to the songs of our man and his amazing band/orchestra 😉

Over the weekend, we got to go out for a fun double date night to see Neil Diamond in concert! Yes, he’s more than twice my age. Yes, I knew 90% of the words to all the songs he performed and yes, I’m proud of that! The guy is so talented. What performer who has reached the heights of fame & fortune has maintained it for 40 years without self destructing? Rather, through his autobiographical songs that he writes himself, you can experience a little of his journey, both personally and spiritually. He attributes all his inspiration to his grandma who sailed across the ocean from Russia to the land of freedom and opportunity at a very young age and he’s not afraid to sing about the good Lord’s amazing grace for us sinners. Imagine that for a “mainstream” artist?! And his band is seriously incredible! And incredibly old because almost all are original members! SO inspiring! (Even Dean, who has not been indoctrinated or socialized with his music and is much more unbiased and a musician himself agreed it was a spectacular show!)

It was so neat to see little girls there, same age as I was when I went to my 1st concert, older couples, mom-daughter dates and all ages in between! 😉

The Amphitheatre was packed and although our seats were near the back, you still felt right in the midst of the beautiful music! What a cool venue!

So while we were doing this:

Kids were at home doing this:

Thank you Auntie Nini for giving what little time you had in between long days of class to feed babes, change diapers, put them to bed and obviously give them a wonderful, fun time!!! The girls were talking about it for days!

And Thank you Mom & Dad for treating us to such a fun night out! What a special memory we created!

PS – Dad, I appreciate your loyalty to a real artist and sharing your love for his music with us all these years! You have GOOD taste! 😉


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  1. Indeed, a very fun evening sharing memories of times passed and making new memories to be remembered in future times. Neil Diamond is a part of Mom’s and my dating and courtship period as well as our marriage. For me, his music and lyrics were instrumental in helping me through some tough times in my life-late high school and college years when I was searching to find myself and my direction in life. He has remained a constant in a constantly changing world. More than his commercially successful music, he has written some incredibly introspective stuff that reveals who he is and challenges me to define who I am. It is so fullfilling to me to be able to share something personally meaningful with my kids that spans our two generations. Thank you for sharing the evening, an evening’s whose real value was sharing it with you and Dean!

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