He’s One!!!

How can it be?

Somehow in the pregnancy sickness haze, I missed your 11 month update so there are lots of updates to document:

-As seen above in your big grin, inΒ  the past 2 weeks, your 2 front teeth came in!

– On certain days, usually if we’re busy and out, you seem to be napping later and dropping your 2nd nap with an earlier bedtime of 6:30-7pm.Β  At the same time, your 1st nap has extended to 3-4 hours!Β  The days you just can’t quite make it, you’ll take a 45-60 minute 2nd nap and go down a bit later (8-8:30) but either way, you sleep so well, day and night! Thank you my easy boy!

-Right around the 10 1/2 month mark, you showed signs of baby-led weaning. I’m sure I could’ve “worked through the struggles” (ie: biting and playing) to continue nursing for another 6 weeks, but I was more than ready to move on at your lead (& your big heavy body was not exactly comfortable on my growing belly) You made the switch to formula and now Vitamin D milk without a single problem and you’ll take it in a bottle or sippy cup. Maybe Avent will offer you a job modelling their products?! πŸ˜‰ hehe

Gotta love that last drop of milk on his lower lip. πŸ˜‰

-In the past week, you’ve been taking little steps (2-3) but I would call yesterday your official 1st day of walking (5-6 steps before getting on all 4s) and today, you surprised me by doubling that (10-11 steps) several times! So exciting and sad all at the same time. Goodbye baby, hello toddler!

-You are really starting to show your “boyness”, throwing, hitting, banging anything on anything that makes noise, (the louder the better), yelling at your sisters when they take something away (either at my request or just because they can), or head butting daddy and then belly laughing rather than balling your eyes out like the girls would do. You are fast and strong. I’m not sure why but something tells me you’re gonna be 1 tough guy, inside and out! πŸ˜‰

-You still have that very serious side to you but at the same time, you are oh, so sweet and such a joyful soul!

The many faces of our little man…

It’s hard to believe your 1st year is gone but exciting to begin the 2nd year filled with many adventures and surprises ahead, each and every day!

Happy Birthday my handsome prince! Your daddy, sisters and I love you oh so much!!!

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  1. Indeed, it is hard to believe that a year has passed since our dear first boy came into the world. It has flown by and I have so enjoyed watching the uniqueness of a BOY! I recall vividly each milestone you and your sisters would reach and how they all had a sadness because the stage left behind was to be experienced no more. But such is the process of life and so designed and each step along the way helps us climb our life ladder towards our ultimate destiny. I know that Soren, Alizea, Genevieve and ???????#4 have many wondrous things in store for them, you and Dean, Mom and I, and the world! I love the pics that capture so well the many faces and moods of Soren. He is adorable, squeezeable and so temptingly pinchable, especially those cheeks.

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