Finally, an activity that keeps them all in one space for more than 10 minutes.

Something that keeps one from running off to play with blocks and balls on one side of the house because she actually enjoys playing alone, while the other is running outside and the third isΒ  sneaking off into the bathroom again to splash in the toilet because big sister forgot to close the lid and door, uh-gain.

Finally, something they can all do together and they all have a blast!

It might be the novelty of it but I’m enjoying my 30 minutes of peace of mind while I wash and fold some laundry or just sit on the porch, drinking my *warm* coffee, or get in their faces to capture the awesome memories

Thank you, Tia Yoli & Tio Tony for the kid’s birthday money that forced me to go out hunting for something fun for all 3 of them to enjoy! I think we hit the jack-pot! πŸ˜‰

Oh Spicy, that look says it all πŸ˜‰

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  1. Wonderful photography with some photogenic subjects! These pictures are exquisite. The expressions on the kids’ faces are priceless and so express their pure enjoyment. They remind me of childhood experiences in Florida. Another great decision on your part, Mommy.

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