Double Celebration!

This past Saturday we had a combo birthday party for these 2 precious little souls

When Daddy and I talked about birthday celebrations for our July babes, we decided to keep both kid’s birthdays very small, mainly because both finances and my energy level were near depleted. But when we started discussing guest list, with immediate family we were easily at 15 people which then somehow quickly grew to 50ish. But right around that time, I started feeling much much better and so we decided to go for it! And mid prepping, Daddy got a long awaited, well deserved, substantial promotion (Thank you, Jesus!) which made the shopping much less stressful and much more pleasant, not worrying about counting pennies. And so we had a big to-do complete with Bounce House, pinata, appetizers, music, pizza’s, (lots and lots of pizza – let’s just say Daddy was paranoid of running out so guests were taking them home by the box), water balloons, lots of little ones running around, and fun and fellowship with family and friends!

While the girls were at Mimi & Bapa’s so we could finish setting up, and before the little guy needed a nap, Daddy and I had some special time with our nearly 1 year-old before all the guests arrived!

He was so funny. The higher we jumped and the harder he bounced and fell, the louder he cackled. That’s why he’s Super Soren 😉

It wasn’t long before our little friends next door came running over, still in PJ’s because their momma just couldn’t contain them any longer 😉 It was so cute seeing these 2 interact…

Then, these 2 had about an hour to play before the party started and were absolutely adorable together! You would never have known they don’t share the same native tongue. They reminded me that play and friendship go far beyond sharing the same language. (or maybe they got along so well because Spicy could be, well, Spicy and Miu could speak her mind in Japanese and there were no hurt feelings, hehe)

Anyway, here is a little taste of the day…

Of course our boy who eats anything (including snails) dove into his cupcake and enjoyed it very much!

And as soon as the last word was sung for Super Soren, there was a tug on my skirt requesting her turn, of course

Sweet G was such a great sideline cheerleader and tentatively snuck a finger lick in each of their cakes 😉

I’m not gonna lie. It was rather challenging to make sure both kids, what am I talking about? all 3 kids were having fun, not left out, (several times, I found myself about to feed or change Soren and then 20 minutes later, into a conversation with an arriving guest forgetting all about him, oops, good thing for parents all around) eating, drinking, clean while hopping from the front yard to the back yard and stopping in between to make sure people were fed and cool and happy, occasionally smoothing over a squabble due to high levels of excitement and stimulation but I truly had a blast and got a great sweat in the meantime!

Although the order was youngest to oldest, Nathan, being the gentleman he is, had no problems allowing Spicy to fulfill her wish of busting open the bull for the highly anticipated candy explosion!

Every corner of the yard was used enjoyed! That makes me smile 🙂

Some of the sweet kiddos at the party and in our lives! (from left: Spicy, Claire, Miu, Sweets, Nathan and Halia)

Spicy got a bouquet of flowers from Papa Joe and upon seeing them, exclaimed “I feel like a real live princess” 🙂 He’s showing her early on how to be treated like a lady!

I love how Nathan was so willing to model all of Soren’s gifts! haha.

I’m still recovering (when you can’t make lists, sort through bins of decorations or wrap up a whole lot of unfinished projects around the house until the last one goes to sleep, it calls for a few late nights) but it was definitely worth it! We had quality time with awesome neighbours we got to know better, we had another opportunity to see my aunt & uncle who are visiting with us all the way from Spain and see our kiddos squealing and laughing surrounded by so many loved ones!!!

When the last guest had left and I joined daddy in the kitchen, we both shared our overwhelming feeling of undeserved blessings to have a home in which we can gather together so many special people in our lives and that allowed for adults and kids alike to have such a great time!

Thank you Mom for helping watch the girls as you unpacked and packed in between trips; Dad for staying with the party preppers until the late hours cleaning patios and tables, moving furniture, hanging mirrors & taste testing Hords d’ oeuvres 😉 Miran for blowing up balloons, hanging streamers, setting out food, salad making, picture taking and all the moral support and Dean for working so hard to pay for these wonderful occasions and providing glasses of wine on demand 😉

As always, it was a group effort which made the process that much more fun!

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  1. As always at ANY occasion at your home, hosted by the hostess with the mostest, I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Such nice and warm people to share conversation with and watching children play and have fun-it just doesn’t get any better! All of your behind the scenes efforts and attention to every detail showed in creating an inviting and warm environment for all who attended to enjoy. You are amazing!

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