Family Staycation

Just as soon as Dean racked up his 40 hours of vacation, he was ready to use it and when we talked about what to do on his time off, he had the desire to stay local. We listed out all of the possible local attractions that we knew everyone would enjoy. The list was quite long and it wasn’t easy to pick just a couple but we started out nice and relaxing exploring at El Dorado State Park for day 1(we were hoping to ride the train and paddle boats but they were closed so we just made the most of the ordinary things. I don’t think they were too disappointed)…

After a lot of back and forth, we decided to splurge for Day #2…I mean how can you resist riding a flying elephant amidst squeals and screams of excitement?

Ok, I look slightly more excited than they do, don't I?

I was a little nervous about things like my energy level (since we vowed to get every last penny’s worth and at least try to be there when the park opened and stay until as late as possible), possible meltdowns because of 2 littles needing their naps, and just the logistics of standing in lines and riding rides while meeting everyone’s needs; making it fun for all 5 of us, especially getting on as many rides for Spicy as possible. God is gracious because I had more energy that day than I’ve had this whole pregnancy (I think the little girl in me came out once we stepped foot past those gates! 😉 ); we were en route to the tram when the park opened (pretty darn close) and stayed until an hour within closing (which was past everyone’s bedtime including mine); there was not one meltdown despite 1 little missing her nap altogether; and we were able to take advantage of every spare minute (changing diapers and eating meals in lines) to get on lots and lots of rides; We definitely put a smile on everyone’s face and I think it was equally fun for Dean and I as it was for the kids!

When I was uploading the pictures from my camera, I was surprised to see the following 2 consecutively shot, even though they were taken hours apart…

I see the resemblance. Do you???

This full day outing was most definitely the highlight of our week…

I’m so thankful for the memories we created and the fun family time we had!

What  a truly magical place! It was such a blessing to see such awe and wonder on their faces!

Needless to say, we were pooped!

So, remember how I mentioned Dean’s desire was to say home for his time off? Well, coming home to unmade beds and increasing mounds of laundry and dishes every day was not my idea of an ideal vacation. Sooo, we did what you do in every successful marriage and we compromised! We took most of the 3rd day to recover and pack and spent the rest of the time in San Diego…

At the SD Zoo Safari Park (we thought we were going to a brand new place but it was the old Wild Animal Park. Still had a blast!)

I actually regretted my persistence to stay elsewhere after we discovered our Sweet little Genevieve had a most difficult time falling asleep  somewhere other than her crib.  (Note to self: next time pack 2 playpens) But this shot makes the less than perfect night’s sleep worth it.

I think we’re getting the hang of this party of 5 business…Just in time to add another to the mix 😉


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  1. Wow, thank you for those awesome and varied photos. I experienced your vacation by the way you share it so beautifully! Peter Kreeft does mentioned how boredom will lead to misbehaving. It looks to me that your whole family was so invested and captivated by the excitement and joyfulness of the Family Fun Vacation that, there was a relieve and freedom from the daily mundane of daily chores that you all truly escaped to a JOYFUL STATE OF EXISTENCE. That is why VACATIONS are so IMPORTANT! We all need them.What wonderful MEMORIES you are all creating. Experiencing so much TOGETHER! BEAUTIFUL! No matter how old in chronological age, it is wonderful to see how youthful we can appear when having fun in a FAMILY VACATION.LOVED IT! LOVE, MOM

  2. Oh how pictures speak thousands of words! You captured the many faces and so natural emotions of pure, unadulterated innocense and genuineness. Indeed, memories and a major part of their formation as well as relationship building come from time spent with family. Every moment I spend with the kids I see the fruits of your and Dean’s efforts, dedication and love to your family. WELL DONE!!

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