A couple weeks ago, Teets and CR were in town so we finally got to meet little Charlee and get the kids together for a great time!

Can they be any cuter??? Born within 24 hours of each other, they acted as if they’ve known each other forever 😉

Such a pleasant and sweet temperament, just like her momma!

On their way out, 2 of the littles awoke from naps so we could squeeze in the group shot! It went something like this:

From left to right: Stoked, unsure, annoyed, rebellious

caught, happy, compliant, sweet

not wanting to let go, over it, squirmy, confidant

3 Responses to Cousins

  1. What a special and wonderful time at the Soto residence. Thank you for hosting! And what a joy to see the cousins playing together and having fun with each other…plus the fact that Charlee got her best nap of the weekend at your house!! Can’t wait to do it again soon! We love you!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the pictures of the cousins which captures their INNOCENCE so well.They are the VULNERABLE ones TRUSTING and with deep FAITH counting on their PARENTS for food, shelter, discipline, but most importantly for the human LOVE they will need and receive here on earth. Let us never forget the LOVE for GOD because their SOUL is much more PRECIOUS! THEIR SOUL is ETERNAL. The flesh is finite.I never tire looking at these precious grandchildren who I LOVE very much and I know,I will be always praying for until the end of my life.May the LORD guide their lives to follow HIM in all things. FRUITFUL THEY WILL BE WHO STAY CONNECTED TO THE VINE!LOVE, MOM

  3. I love the series of 3 pictures and your always witty and insightful comments!!. They capture the challenges and realities of taking a group picture of 4 little ones under the age of 5. I think you did a wonderful job! How precious they are and how proud I am of them! They all bring me more joy than anyone who is not a grandpa just can’t imagine. It warms my heart to see them together.

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