Atrium 2011-12

This is several weeks overdue but necessary for the family blog book 😉 This concluded Alizea’s 2nd year in the Cathechism of the Good Shepherd Program (the kids call it Atrium, the name for the Montessori-based environment).  This ministry led by generous, selfless parents (via the Holy Spirit) who have put in loads of time, energy and prayer to make this happen has been such an incredible blessing to us! Not only is Spicy getting a fabulous, rich, hands-on, real (& fun) experience and deep understanding of her faith (more on that later but the girl floored me this morning with her explanation of the Trinity) but I too have been blessed with meeting some incredible momma’s who have become mentors, a huge source of encouragement for me and great friends! Wednesday’s were definitely a highlight of my week to get my much needed adult sharing with like-minded Catholic Christian woman, plenty of hugs and smiles and got my errands done sans one kid!

From left: Julian, Claire, Spicy, Joseph Allan, Nathan, Gabriel, Johann, Thomas, Adam, Raphael, Katarina & sneaky lil Megan

It was a special final class with lots to celebrate! The kids took roses to our Mother for May Crowning

Sweet G got to sit in for class with Mimi & participate & it was reported she did fabulous & definitely showed signs of being ready to join big sis in the Fall!

…and the momma’s put together a little surprise shower for one of the teachers, Mrs. (Celeste) Ramirez! She was so touched.We had a great time anticipating her baby girl due any day now!

My 1st attempt at a diaper cake went pretty well! There were so many goodies, the kids (& mommy’s especially pregnant ones) were in heaven!

And Um, doesn’t she look UH-mazing? I hope I look that good…with my 8th child 😉

Her belly wasn’t that much bigger than mine! haha. Guess I gotta lay off the donuts!

I definitely thank God for blessing us with this wonderful family of God! It is such a huge source of strength and encouragement & I feel, well, honored to be apart of this community! And selfishly, I’m already looking forward to the Fall session starting up for 2 hours of momma time sans two kids! ;0


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  1. Angels today and future saints tomorrow! What a blessing to have this incredible resource in the kids’ lives. The foundational investment will pay dividends for years to come.

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