Never would have guessed

I never would have guessed my 4 year old (at the time) would be learning the Latin alphabet, syllables and now reading in Latin…

I never would have guessed she would be reading in English like this…

I never would have guessed she would be writing like this…

Or this…(because we just graduated to regular notebook paper) 😉

I never would have guessed she would be doing arithmetic like this… and this…

And I NEVER would have guessed this would be happening at home, under our roof , under my supervision, while in my Pajama’s, ok, my sweats, ok, if I’m feeling really ambitious I’ll throw a pair of jeans on. haha! 😉

I also never would have guessed I would be so completely sold on this “home schooling” business (however,  if there was a physical CLAA in the state of California like in PA , we would have NO hesitations sending our kids there). I have come full circle (thanks to Dean’s patient and persistent prayers) and even once starting, it’s been quite a journey, I won’t lie – I’ve struggled a lot with the normal challenges that come with motivating your stubborn strong-willed child to do work but also with the doubts that come from doing something counter-cultural and out of the norm. But, I have never been more convinced that this is the best thing for Alizea on so many levels and for so many reasons: academically, socially (yes, you can be socially equipped when taught at home) and most importantly, most beneficial to her moral formation (the beautiful relationship of faith and reason and guiding her to develop habits of virtue – no pressure, mom & dad, Eek!). And of course, when Spicy isn’t looking or gets our of her chair (for the 25th time), Sweets will run over to her desk, sit down and point and pronounce the letters she sees so proudly which tells me she’s observing well and will be eager to start in less than a year. I also know I will have a very bossy helpful “teacher’s assistant” when she begins.

After almost 2 years of hard work, Spicy is now pretty much at the point of working independently (YAY!!!). That’s not to say I don’t want to be right there engaging and learning along with her but it is so rewarding and I smile from ear to ear when I look out the corner of my eye and see her problem solving or erasing an answer to correct herself or hear her pronounce a new word correctly. I absolutely love the flexibility of doing lessons at night with daddy, on the weekends, on the road, at Mimi and Bapa’s house or together on the couch while we eat our PB &J sandwiches. I love the fact that we can work hard and “go to school” for 45 minutes and then we spend the rest of our day playing, painting, baking, visiting with friends or having slumber parties at Mimi & Bapa’s house. There is so much freedom in this way of learning and studying and it has been so good for our family and yet I think (hopefully) the evidence shows we’re still ‘getting it done’.

Dean and I feel as though God has given us a gold mine with the CLAA and I pray that we treasure it, we give it the respect it deserves and we don’t give up on it (because it is tough!)

PS – If you can’t tell, I’m one proud momma 🙂

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  1. All I can say is WOW!!! And I am one proud and impressed Auntie! Alizea, you go girl!!!! (And of course her very talented instructors, Dean and Marisa.) Keep up the great work, Soto fam!!

  2. I too like Martita am sooooooo proud! You the parents led by your constant search for what is best for your children is now paying off 100% fold.You have brought GOD at the center of even their learning. This ACADEMY will give you much return for your intellect as well as for your SOUL. Keep up the GREAT work you are all doing. Love you very much. MOM, MIMI YEAH ALIZEA!!!

  3. Marisa, You have every right to feel totally proud of both your accomplishment as teacher and your daughter’s accomplishments as student. It is indeed a team that you two are forming and it takes the effort and dedication of you both to see the fabulous results that are coming to fruition. Great Job! From one teacher to another-You’re doing all the right things! Love you, Dad

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