Back (& Mother’s Day recap)

It’s good to be back…Between a vaction, recovery from vacation, hurling over the sink, stretching out leg cramps, running to the bathroom to pee, napping from the fatigue of making another human body, morning throughout the day sickness, squeezing in time to exercise (because believe it or not, while it is sheer torture to get my butt to the gym or lace up my shoes for a jog, I do feel amazingly better the next day) and the day-to-day normal stuff of caring for 3 4 little ones, it has been tough to find any computer time. It was nice to be unplugged for awhile but I have missed writing, reflecting venting and re-living wonderful memories through photo-taking.

Me and my 3 4 jewels

So, Mother’s Day…it seems like ages ago but I actually still find myself drifting off, thinking about the wonderful, special time I had over the course of 3 days. It started Friday with a several hour chunk of time all to myself while at my semi-anual hair appointment where I splurged and got a relaxing manicure and pedicure. I walked out of that salon feeling so feminine (not that feminity is defined by how your hair and nails look – Mother Theresa is probably the most iconic figure of femininity) but for me, as stay-at-home mom who barely has time to wash the dried spit up and jelly from sticky fingers from my pulled back hair and a wife who longs to still be seen as sexy ;), I must say, I held my head a little higher, I was energized, eager to greet my littles and husband again and for the 1st time since pre-sickness, I got an infusion of excitement for meeting the little one inside of me who has been causing so much grief! So, a little polish can go a long way. 😉 I had lunch with my momma, headed to another appointment and after some sharing (& eating again), it was time to pick up Dean from work. Saturday morning, Dean and the kiddos dropped me off at Coco’s where I met my besties 😉  After we did our giddy hug and jump dance out of pure anticipation and excitement in the parking lot, probably looking ridiculous and turning a few heads, we headed in for a yummy breakfast on baby sis. The next 7ish hours consisted of taking turns for facials, massages, snacking, and lots of girl sharing poolside soaking up the Vitamin D without a care in the world. I absolutely treasure the special time building our relationships, edifying each other and challenging and encouraging each other to higher holiness. God has really shown me how those 2 make me a better person and play such a special role in my calling and vocation. We can be honest with each other, even when it’s hard to hear (and say) because we have such a deep respect & love for each other, understanding of our faith, and wanting the absolute best for each other, ie, to be more united with Christ and His Church and showered with His graces. What a gift! We finished the night off with a 2+hour dinner at my favorite restuaraunt, again, at Nini’s suggestion and on her dime and 12 hours later, I got chaueffered back home in the Beemer. I walked in to a husband doing the dishes and 2 of the 3 littles down for the count! What. a. treat. for this momma! (I must admit, I was sad to see the day come to an end)

As if I didn’t feel pampered enough, Sunday we met Nini at mass (which means the kids always behave a little better), we listened to Mimi sing like an angel with the choir and headed to the Emde Resort for lots of pool time and feasting. My other favorite people happen to be there which is always extra exciting for us! Soren loved his 1st time in the pool. I’m pretty sure he would’ve napped in there if I let him. Spicy practiced her floating and dog paddling and after a trip down the slide with Bapa, Sweet G wouldn’t stop requesting a turn. Soo, we took the plunge (literally) and gave her a try. She did great although explained in her adorable, expressive mumbo jumbo talk that she got too much water in her nose, ears and mouth to try again. The littles napped so well, I got to join them before waking up for a second round of eating!

It’s neat to think there are 16 new lives between the 3 of us (& our husbands of course, tee hee)!

We almost got all 3 looking at the camera 😉

Thank you Mimi for helping so much with the littles so I can run to appointments and know they are well taken care of and spoiled with love, attention and affection! Thank you baby sis for giving so much of your time, your day and your resources 😉 to spoil us momma’s! Your unselfish actions and heart-felt words encourage and edify me so much in my vocation! Thanks Dad & Nini for preparing all the food so we moms literally didn’t lift a finger (other than to put food in our mouths) And thank you my Love for holding down the fort while keeping a better schedule than I do and giving me a day to refuel and get treated like a queen! I know we are not called to be creatures of attachments and comfort but thank you Lord for the physical blessings of good food & beer, beauty care, and most of all, my family and my relationships!

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  1. Thats sounded like a WONDERFUL mothers day weekend!! I love how our mamas and our sisters can be our best friends. We are so blessed! Just out of curiousity…whats your favorite restaurant where you had dinner?

  2. If I didn’t read your blog I would never know of the unpleasant realities of your pregnancy. I never hear you complain. Every time I see you, you are always smiling, uplifting to those around you and just never grumpy. You certainly don’t wear your sacrificing on your sleeve for all to see and sympathise with. You certainly deserve more than one day a year of pampering and attention for all you do for so many. As always, I love the pictures, especially (of course) the one with the grandparents and the grandkids!!

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