10 Months!

What happened to my little (well, you never were that little) baby???

You are definitely looking more like a toddler these days…

My little contemplative one. You are staying true to your namesake. You can be most often caught looking like this…

Maybe it’s your coping strategy to avoid the overdose of estrogen 😉

Changes in the past month include:

-Lots and lots of pulling yourself up and standing. You seem to prefer it to crawling. And often, you sneak up on me and startle me when I feel your little nails clawing my legs. From your knees looking up, you stretch your hands up to help you up and you love walking (quite a distance before tiring out and dropping to your knees) with mommy or daddy holding your hands. And Mimi has caught you letting go of whatever you are holding onto and standing all by yourself.

-You’re definitely trying to keep up with big sisters. Everytime you see Sweet G playing, you book it to her and try to engage. She usually says something like “no, baby!” and runs off with the toy you had your eye on. You usually squawk and then move on to something else.

-This is one of  you’re favorite things to play with right now. I love this shot…

-You are eating a.lot. of table food. Pancakes, grilled cheese, toast, rice, chicken, turkey, avocado, you name it! And you seem to enjoy (or at least tolerate) all your green veggies. You are a boy who likes to eat and I’m so thankful you are not picky and really haven’t refused anything. Consequently, you seem to have dropped a nursing session, sometimes 2 which works out nicely since I need to wean you pretty quickly as I enter the 2nd trimester in a few weeks.

-You love to clap these days

-You are on a really nice sleep schedule. Your 1st nap is around 10-10:30 and then your 2nd, around 3-3:30pm with a bedtime of 8pm. You are sleeping so well at night all the way until 7-7:30 (hallelujah!). Wednesdays, you get a little thrown off since we’re out and about until 11:30ish. So, you’ll take a cat nap in the car and then I’ll put you down around 1pm  and with a little luck (like today) all 3 of you littles will nap simultaneously. Sometimes, I’ll join you guys but today I chose to do this.

You are such a sweet little guy

And you still have such a low-key, happy personality

-You are definitely a momma’s boy (although you’re favorite word is “dadda” and you say it so proudly with the biggest grin upon seeing Daddy). When you wake from a nap (sometimes, not always) is about the only time you get upset.  All you want to do is sit in my lap for a few minutes and snuggle and then you’re ready to get down and get on the move or be held by someone else  but in those 1st few moments, nothing will soothe you except me! 🙂

I love you with a love I never knew before (you) and I thank God everyday for choosing me to be your mommy!

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  1. Ahhh this post just makes me miss him since I didn’t get to have my fill of his sweet smile today! Such an awesome little man and think he is growing up too fast. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Marisa, for the complete, perfectly descriptive summary of our little man of the family, Soren. Your ability to perceptively notice every small detail and idiosyncracy of your children is uncanny. It is a testament to the loving attention you shower on all your kids. How lucky they are to have you as their MOMMY! It is definitely a unique experience having a “guy” to fuss over and to watch grow. He has his own special personality and it is so much fun to participate in these early stages of his life journey. 10 months-
    WOW! Love you, Dad

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