Pretty Girl Part 2

Um, or not  😉

Who said being a stay-at-mom wasn’t entertaining? As you can imagine I was cracking up behind my camera lens as she asks “Do I look beautiful, momma?” while visualizing a big, soft, red nose and rainbow wig on Miss Spicy Ann. Or a football helmet. I sent several picture texts to Nini thanking her for their Christmas gift (I think?) and letting her know a class in make-up application might be needed.

Yes, most days I feel like I spend way too many hours on my knees scrubbing nasty spit up from the carpet, changing stinky diapers, keeping this one in check, all the while managing my temper and patience lack of patience level, but there are enough of these moments that make me so glad I get to do what I do and experience these moments.

We spent over an hour together today in my room, folding and putting away clothes, playing dress up, as you can see , imaginative games as she hid in the closet and of course a few rest breaks cuddling together. Tonight before bedtime she says to me “I want to have special time with you again in your room doing fun things together or snuggling” 🙂

Of course, my dear. There is nothing I want more and I am treasuring this time as it goes way too fast.


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  1. Marisa, My eyes watered as I read Alizea’s request to spend special time with Mommy again doing fun things/snuggling. Precious and priceless are these moments and memories. Each of these is a buiding block to forming the character, the confidence, the self image and the person Alizea is growing into. She is indeed a very special little girl who exudes unbridled joy in living with her every waking action. I can’t tell you how forward I look to seeing her and her reaction to seeing me and the uplifting, joyful spirit she transfers to me through her unabashed exhuberance for life. She is so uninhibited and so “natural.” What a lesson for all of us! She is truly one of my privileged joys in life. Thank you for your unselfish giving that allows Alizea to be who she is! ( I have an idea of the patience required!)

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