New Life

We had a wonderful, joyous Easter celebration, no doubt!

Mimi, Bapa and Nini came over for quite a tasty brunch. I made my traditional breakfast Quiche’s and home-style potatoes, we enjoyed the avocados from our tree, hummus, seafood dip, fresh fruit, veggies, pastry’s, mimosa’s and some cake ‘balls’, Easter egg style

They look more like scones but they were so yummy!

The girls had a blast hunting for eggs

and being with their favorite people in the world!

There was a tea party

And that make-up consulting session I mentioned about here

Happy Teacher, happy student 😉

And we got to hear a lot about Nini’s trip to India and see a glimpse of the wonderful work God is doing there to care for the children.

The week leading up to Easter, I meditated a lot on the resurrection (duh!) and new life. Our new life in heaven, what it might be like (um, that’s slightly mind-boggling) and the new life that Christ gives us through our ‘yes’ to the Holy Spirit and following His commandments here on earth. This verse kept coming to mind: “Therefore, if any one is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold the new has come” 2 Corinthians 5:17 I meditated on that. In Christ. In His word. In His Love which is constantly transforming us on a daily basis. In His passion and suffering through our fall and sinfulness. In His obedience to the Father’s will. And In His resurrection to our heavenly home!  I thought about that day in college which began my reversion conversion 😉 when I acknowledged my brokenness and sin in my life, my need for a Savior, repented and gave myself over to Christ…Oh, how I literally became that new creation. I thought about my return to Mother Church and how the Eucharist has sustained that new life. I thought about my wedding day and making those vows to Dean and to God. How that begin a new life within me. I thought about how much I’ve changed since becoming a mother. How much God has used our beautiful children to create an even deeper sense of new life in Christ within me. I thought about how they challenge me to the core, but how, at the end of each day, they always bring me back to that new life I have (they are, afterall, quite literally, His new life) and that is something to always celebrate.

Anyway, looking back, it makes sense now why God gave me that verse to ponder. He was definitely preparing my mind but more importantly, my heart for His new life yet again.  So, in celebrating this theme of new life, we gave Mimi and Bapa a special little Easter gift this year…

That’s right! Numero Cuatro coming to the Soto Family in 8 months! I’ll try and post the video soon as it’s pretty fun.

Needless to say, there was a lot of celebrating…

and smiles…

and laughter…

Miran's basket from me had some special "supplies" I won't be needing for awhile 😉

I’m still a little in shock, really, in a good- super excited-super joyful-nervous-a little bit giddy-a lit bit terrified by the thought of 4 kids, 5 yrs and under-but thankful and humbled and amazed at the timing-sort of way. I mean, to discover I was pregnant on Good Friday as I was thinking about the fact that Jesus died for me, Marisa, and everyone else created because He wants us to experience new life and then to actually celebrate His new life, and the new life He has blessed our family and the world with on Easter Sunday with my family was pretty darn cool and made it all pretty darn real! To see how incredibly excited Spicy was, literally screaming for joy at the news of a new baby brother or sister was just awesome. And every time the doubt creeps in (which I know it will), I have some old journal entries to look back on to remember my pledge of faith and to trust (sometimes blindly) in His ways above mine. And of course, plenty of reminders from Dean that “C’mon my Love, it’s going to be great!” or “Yeah, it’s gonna be tough sometimes but it’s gonna be awesome!” do help.

And so, little one, we welcome you with an open and happy heart. You are coming into a fun, loud, but peaceful family full of joy and love for each other and for living new life in Christ!  We entrust your soul to our Lord and we can’t wait to meet you!

(Uh, this definitely explains the bouts of clumsiness,  insomnia, night sweats, wild dreams, cravings and frequent trips to the bathroom. Damn hormones! 😉 )

Did I mention I have a soul created for all of eternity growing a body in my womb?!?!?!? haha! SOOOOO AMAZING!!!!












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  1. Another magical day at the Soto home! THANK YOU Marisa and Dean for another priceless gift to Mimi and Bapa! I couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of another bundle of pure, unadulterated joy! ( Is it possible to experience too much joy?!?!?!?! An overdose?) Ha, of course not!! Be assured that Mom and I will be there for you every step of the way! I love you, Dad

  2. Congratulations! We are so excited for you all.

    Hope we all get to see you all soon. I am on vacation all week so maybe this week?

    Christos Anesti,
    Perales Fam

  3. What can I say other than Lord,” you have blessed us in a very special and big way” Your passion has obtained for us truly NEW LIFE. In addition, we literally were surprised with A NEW LIFE.MARISA AND DEAN, I AM DEFINITELY EXCITED FOR YOU THE SOTO FAMILY but also for us the grandparents.What an absolutely beautiful entry and a WONDERFUL CELEBRATION.I love reliving the whole experience of being together, eating and celebrating. I also LOVED MIRANDA taking us on a tour of India from her recent trip.You are a great writer and an overflowing fountain of creativity. I am sorry that I could not be there earlier to enjoy the EASTER EGG HUNT. But the only thing that matters is that the girls and Soren enjoyed themselves. Thank you Marisa for your giving and sacrificial LOVE as you cooked and prepared everything for a FANTASTIC CELEBRATION and the fact that you were not feeling well. May the LORD continue to STRENGTHEN YOU. WITH ALL MY LOVE, RESPECT AND ADMIRATION FOR THE PERSON, MOTHER AND WIFE YOU HAVE BECOME.MANY BLESSINGS, MOM

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