Liturgy of the Light 2012

Last night was the Easter celebration (we Catholics are still in the Easter season) with Spicy’s “Catechism of the Good Shepherd” class. Actually, all 3 classes came together for a taco feast, some much always needed adult time while the kids ran around playing together and a beautiful program beginning with a procession as the children held their candles lit from the Paschal candle, readings from Holy Scriptures and a few songs sung by the adorable 3-6 year old voices.

I love this shot of Alizea’s future husband 😉 Oh Nathan, we love you!

It was a fun evening to gather with friends and family (Thank you Mimi, Bapa and Nini for coming out – just in case you couldn’t tell from the tears and screams when we  left you, the girls were very happy to see you!) and to receive so many sincere, genuinely excited congratulatory exclamations and wishes from so many people! (especially after the morning I had, the previous day)

I met Kim (in the middle) through Tina (on right). Turns out, Kim's cousin is married to my 2nd cousin (Brian Emde) It really is a small world

Michelle & Me. And please keep praying for her physical healing as well as patience and peace in the meantime!

My beautiful God-daughter, Gianna Marie

And since we couldn’t take picture or videos of the program indoors, here is a sneak peak at Alizea practicing 1 of the songs…

2 Responses to Liturgy of the Light 2012

  1. It was indeed a very special day/evening and I felt so privileged to be part of seeing such faith among our future and such godliness among the parents. A very special gathering for sure!

  2. I was so thrilled that dad and I were able to be part of such a significant event. Witnessing such generosity, concern, charity and LOVE in all those who were present truly left an impression.It showed me that even in the 2lst Century it is possible to live out what JESUS told us, “they will know you are my disciples by their love”. I enjoyed meeting your friends and admire their witness to me.The food was great, watching the children play with such a beautiful SPIRIT of LOVE and OBEDIENCE.I truly was at awe! The highlight of the event was participating and watching the NEW GENERATION PRAISING GOD as they follow in the footsteps of their parents.GOD was the CENTER of the celebration and yet YOU ALL were a SHINING LIGHT for the world to witness. Thank you for the SPECTACULAR BLOG you continue to share with all of us. The videos you included of Alizea in the preparation of the event were so enjoyable.I Love how you have been capturing all the special moments. Thank you for including us in such special moments of all of your lives.Love, Mom

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