When I’m not looking (& Eight months!)

When I’m not looking…

A little, big girl tucks her babies in for the night. When I walked past this, I was unsure whether to put them away or let them sleep… 😉

10 little fingers get a hold of my laptop giving me a good chuckle when I sit down at my desk after putting the last one to bed & seeing this…

Another laugh when I did a double take and realized a quiet but busy little 2-year-old transported & found a creative use for the muffin pan…

And a surprise upon opening Soren’s laundry basket left by that same sneaky little tot…

Ah, and the mischievous duo get a hold of a treasure from momma’s purse…

Is that girl on the right really MY child?? hehe 😉

And a certain baby turns 8 months!!!

Looks like I forgot to wipe all of your lunch from your face! 🙂

Somewhere between a little road trip, a nasty cold for you that lasted 2 full weeks, plus a week as a single mom while daddy was on travel, this month’s milestone zoomed right past me. I do go days without knowing what the date is. Am I crazy? Don’t answer that…

Anyway, a couple of updates to report, little man:

You aren’t technically crawling on all 4’s but you can move! You do get up on all 4’s and rock back & forth and find a way to go from one side of the room to another with a lot of scootin’ and rollin’. You seem to go backwards more than forewards and you often get yourself trapped in a corner and get a little frustrated that you haven’t figured a way out! I’ve caught you reaching for the jumper legs or the couch seemingly trying to pull yourself up, which thankfully, you haven’t accomplished. You may not crawl much and go straight to standing/walking?!?

You continue to drool & put everything in your mouth but you are still toofless

You are momma’s boy, no doubt! I don’t recall the girls being so enamored by me. And I’m not trying to flatter myself. You seriously follow me with your eyes, your face lights up when I simply look at you and you cling to me and love being in my arms and resting your head on my chest or shoulder when you’re tired. I really don’t remember the girls being so snuggly and cuddly. Yes, you’ll go with other people and yes, you are experiencing a little of that ‘stranger anxiety’ phase but it’s more than that. It’s that special momma-son bond thang and I’m loving it so much!!!

You are expanding your menu enjoying avocados from our tree & frozen greek yogurt popsicles

You babble “da-duh” when you area happily playing and a clear “mamma, mamma, -amma” when you are really tired &/or in need of some comfort or milk. Funny how that works 😉

You started bouncin’ & gorovin’ whenever you hear music playin’ and are you are so stinkin’ happyThat is, when you aren’t Mr Serious 😉

Time is just flyin’ by!  I think it’s time to start planning your 1st birthday bash! just kidding…well, sorta! 😉

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  1. Oh my gosh Marisa, mother, teacher, writer, photographer and the first to discover these wonderful treasures. I just started laughing as I read this blog. As I read along, I too was finding these most unexpected but very authentic child adventures hilarious!!! As I picture, G’s efforts and imagination I begin to see how truly unique they are individually. Wow, thank you for the efforts you take in creating this blog. It is truly the highlight of my day. It is so wonderful to see that MR Soren is showing his LOVE and ATTACHMENT in such a special way. Hopefully, you begin to get the message of HOW MUCH YOU ARE THE REASON FOR THIS LOVE THAT EACH OF YOUR CHILDREN CONTAINS. YOUR LOVE IS SO VISIBLE AND ADMIRABLE IN SO MANY WAYS. May GOD reward you with a very close relationship with your SON as he gets older.Marisa, I so admire your devotion to your vocation. May the Lord continue to BLESS you, GUIDE you and PROTECT you ALWAYS.Thank you sooooo much for the sharing of your FAMILY, lOVE, mom

  2. Thanks, Marisa, for another awesome post! I just love these glimpses into the life of a full time (and then some) mommy and the absolutely adorable doings of your 3 gems. Aw, what goes on in the minds of little ones! We only get a snippet of so much creativity and pure innocense. (mixed in with a tad of mischieviousness!) I think you’re going to be a writer/photographer in your next life! The way you combine words and visuals is a gift. Love you, Dad

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