St. Patrick in 2012

I wouldn’t normally blog about a typical Saturday just doin’ family stuff but considering where we were 3 years ago, 2 years ago, even 1 year ago this March, the Lord reminded me of the incredible, miraculous really, things He has done in and through the head of our family, since his return.

Heading out for a few ingredients for our special meal while babies napped & momma relaxed with a hot drink! 🙂

 Spicy was so excited to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day so it was the perfect opportunity to finally put to practice what Dean and I have talked about wanting to do with our kids since we got married, for special days and certain Saint’s feast days. And the rain was the ideal weather to light a candle and enjoy crafts, stories, a warm homemade meal and baking all in honor of the courageous Saint Patrick!

Toasting with our “Green Machine” drink. The kids have always enjoyed this stuff which is great because it has all kinds of wonderful vegetables they wouldn’t normally consume (like garlic!). It took me a bit longer to get over the sight/color of it, but once I did, I have enjoyed my liquid wheat grass and spirulina very much 😉

We found a super easy, super healthy, super yummy Shepherd’s Pie recipe since we learned that at 16, St Patrick was sold as a slave in Ireland & forced to work as a shepherd. The cookies were to celebrate his eternal happiness in the company of the hosts of angels

It was so neat to hear Daddy read about this man’s life and explain to the girls about the symbolism of the 3-leafed clover/shamrock to represent the Trinity. (I was rather surprised but I think Alizea actually got the whole “3 persons in 1 God thing”, at least with faith of a child) 😉 It is times like those, when the verse in Matthew’s Gospel immediately comes to mind: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”.

Thank you Lord for showing us through St Patrick that it is possible to be sanctified and to “be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect”, to have supernatural strength and courage and do amazing things like convert hundreds when we are completely open to Your will.  Thank you for the miracles you have done in our family especially in the last 3 years. May we never fear Your will and allow You to lead us in all things.

Saint Patrick, Pray for us!!!


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  1. Hello Saintly Soto Family, I am back from Itos. How uplifting it was to find a new entry! So colorful! I absolutely loved the Father daughter Picture at the gate. Then, Mommy daughter in the kitchen with all the goodies prepared for such a special day keeping in mind Saint Patricks contributions to society and what a christian example for all of us to appreciate and emulate. My beautiful Genevieve has also become quite a contributor in the affairs of the kitchen. Alizea, you and your entire family are sooooo photogenic!!!! Hopefully our philosopher, Soren was sleeping , living up to his reputation. A most independent, content young man lost in deep thought more interested in the things of God and less interested in the things of this world. Marisa, author of this blog, you continue to challenge me in a spiritual way by your entries. Living out God’s Will is a loud message I take away from reading your blogs. Thank you for that reminder !!Love, Mom

  2. I missed my 3 leprecauns on St. Paddy’s Day! But it’s obvious you made it an awesome event while creating cherished memories for you and the kids. How lucky they are! Yes, indeed, we “wise”, “experienced” “adults” have so much to learn from the purity, innocense and true wisdom of children. All the food in your pics looked so yummy, my mouth was watering. The “green mixture”, though, was a little sobering. I’m glad there were no green machines when I was a kid!! Ha, Ha, just kidding. I’m sure I’d be healthier today, but, oh well! Love you guys, Dad

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