Spring is Here!

And we’re so excited!For us, Spring means lots of outdoor play

lots of exploring and observing…

It means finding unexpected treasures

And it means we take schoolwork outdoors

7 for 7, not bad Spicy 😉

It means we have fruit to pick

And it means whether they are tossing the ball around, playing with play-doh or fighting over the broom, these 2 have lots of opportunities (& reminders) of how to treat our neighbor & strenghtening and deepining their love for each other.

Our backyard is so tranquil. I’m amazed what a little running water can do to my mental state 😉 The environment lends itself to prayer and I think of my parents a lot out here since they are the reason it came to be and its beauty screams their labor of love (& talents). I thank my God for them, their love and for this place to work, pray and learn.

2 Responses to Spring is Here!

  1. Great Reminder! Another season is underway, and seeing Alizea, and Genevieve in action of fun, discovery, and simply enjoying their surrounding, each other as well as mom warms my heart. Once again Marisa, beautiful pictures and you make it so inviting for those of us who read your blog to share your family so intimately. I too am so glad that you too are enjoying your backyard. Genevieve, thank you for sharing the beautiful leave, and Alizea love seeing that you continue to love learning and show it by getting 7 out of 7. Love to see you both loving each other sooo much. Good job Girls, Mimi loves you very much!

  2. Spring and your family are synonomous. New life, cheer, brightness, beginnings, joy, warmth are all emotions that both spring and your family bring to my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making every day of the year a spring day for me!!!

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