Seven Months!

Oh, my charming little one.

You have stolen my heart!

In the past month, you:

-Have finally started sitting up able to balance yourself and rather than crashing head first into the ground after a few seconds, you now use your arms when you lose your balance or lean too far, softening the fall and making more of a deliberate volleyball roll-like move to your tummy.

-Have outgrown your 12 month clothes (surpirse surprise!)Β  That’s right, the sleepers won’t zip up around your chunky thighs, the onesies won’t snap below your thick torsow and the Tshirts won’t fit around your huge head. It’s onto 18 month clothes. Little boy clothes. At this rate, you’ll be passing up Sweet G very soon. πŸ˜‰ I’m having a hard time keeping up with the switching of clothing size into and out of your drawers/closet.

-Started really enjoying solids. In fact, in the past couple days, you’ve increased from 1x/ day to 2x with lots of teething biscuits and fruit to gnaw on in between. Everything is game, except peas. Even I couldn’t get a bite down without the gag reflex kicking in. Still nursing about 4-5x

-Started pushing up, straightening your arms and raising your bum a bit from time to time. You aren’t going far but you can spin around in circles with little scoots and movements.

-Seem to be giving slobbery kisses (at least to me) and are moving your arm/hand in a wave-like manner πŸ˜‰

-Are much more vocal, squealing, squawking and babbling your favorite word/sound “uh-dadda”

-Are still so forgiving and patient with your sisters shrieks and screams and missed kisses which result in pokes to the eye or elbows to your stomach. You are tough. I’m pretty sure most babies would be crying after what they put you through.

-Are sleeping well again. After a couple weeks of very broken andΒ  interupted sleep, you are back to a 8-9 hour stretch and another 2-3 hrs after a morning feeding. Phew! You nap 1-3x (normally twice) depending on where we are and how tired you are but you are so flexible and don’t seem to mind going with the flow.

-Still love to be held especially when you are tired. I’m certainly enjoying the snuggling time because I know it won’t last forever.

-Have the need for a haircut. You’ve got the sideburns of a grown man, dude πŸ˜‰ Your hair is also lightening up quite a bit the more time we spend in the sun.

You are just so sweet and handsome and mellow and happy and beautiful!!!

We thank God for the incredible gift of your precious soul and can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

2 Responses to Seven Months!

  1. In picture #1 I swear I have seen a pic of Alizea that looked EXACTLY like this. And picture #4 he is 100% G in the eyes/eyebrows (shape and expression) and then the rest is Alizea all the way (well, except for all the chub…thats ALL him). I still cannot get over how much bigger he is in than Tyler! I am just now starting to think about getting those size 12 clothes down from the rafters and into the closet.

  2. Indeed, handsome, mellow, happy and handsome- and might I add reflective. He often appears to be giving genuine deep thought to his surroundings. Maybe a little (or a lot) of daddy in him!!

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