Goodbye Facebook, time spent wasted reading decorating blogs and sweet treats (except for Birthday celebrations and Sundays)

Hello extra prayer, penance and fasting.

It is so wonderful to be apart of a faith that after two thousand years, still commemorates Christs’s forty days fasting in the desert before the beginning of his public ministry, where he endured temptation by Satan. What a blessing knowing that fellow Catholic Christians all over the globe from the tiniest, most remote village to the biggest cathedral are united in following His example in preparation through prayer, sacrifice and deep reflection on our sinful nature, leading up to our Lord’s holy passion, His death on Mount Calvary and finally His glorious resurection and ascension into Heaven. Man, it is so easy to take for granted the richness of the Catholic Church. I was reminded yet again this morning of the incredible mystery of worshipping a God who allows us to consume His body, blood, soul and divinity?!?! WOW!!!

On a side note, tonight as I was praying with Alizea, we were in the middle of listing out all of our prayer requests. Everything from loved ones with illnesses, orphans and widows, for peace in the world and peace in our souls.  There were a lot.   I was actually quite amazed and shocked when she remembered to mention my friend who lost her baby in utero days before her due date a few months back. Pretty deep stuff, my child. And then, the innocence and age factor kicked in….with a complete seriousness about her, she added “And for mommy… because she still looks like she’s pregnant!”

Are you kidding me??? Thank you my spicy one for keeping me ever so grounded and humbled… I was needing a good laugh today 😉

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