Happy Birthday Mimi!

There are certain days when I feel like my life is too good to be real.

Yesterday was one of them.

It entailed mass, hours at the beach in 80 degree weather; a full day without cooking or any meal prep (that in itself is enough to make me excited); sitting more than being on my feet; a 3 hour nap, no, not the kids, for muah; spending precious time with the most beautiful person I know, a wise counselor, the one who loves me like no other…and the reason for it all…

Alizea's fake smile cracks me up!


You are the one who is supposed to get spoiled and showered with gifts today and yet I feel as though you gave me more than I could ever give you. Thank you for your INCREDIBLE, IMMENSE love and your SACRED life!

May God continue to bless you this year as you store up those treasures in heaven!!!!  😉


3 Responses to Happy Birthday Mimi!

  1. SO FUN! Wish I could have joined, but I was with you all in spirit! Happy Birthday to the most amazing, beautiful, inspiring, loving, selfless, saintly woman in the world!!! 🙂

  2. How beautiful that many of the traits and characteristics that mom possesses and have passed on the you, Marisa, will be in turn passed on to your kids. The chain will continue, unbroken!

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