Two Years

(A couple weeks late but we are finally all recovered from the household cold that you passed to the rest of us on your birthday…)

Oh, my sweet one. My choco-latte baby. You aren’t a baby anymore.

Are you only two or was is twenty-two?

You are a special one.  I can honestly say (after my fair share) that you hardly ever have a tantrum or meltdown. You love to please your daddy and mommy and just one stern look from me or firm tone from daddy seems to melt your will to perfect obedience. It is beautiful to see.  Your peace-making spirit is quite the nice breath of fresh air 😉 I’ve always said from the time you were an infant that you are an independent one. You enjoy your space and your own company. In fact, often I think you prefer it. You explore, you observe, you babble, jump, dance and play as if you could not only sense his presence but see your guardian angel beside you at all times.

You are a compassionate one, and you have such a special sensitivity about you.  You are the 1st to run to any of us to offer your sweet, deliberate kisses and love pats when there is any sort of “owie”At the same time, one of the very few words that comes from your heart-shaped lips unmistakably is “move, momma” if I’m ever sitting in your sacred spot on the couch. And the newest addition to your vocabulary is “mine” 😉

But you have this keen awareness of others and a deep natural sense of appreciation. You say “nana” (thank you) for every little act done unto you from bringing you a cup of water to helping you into the bath tub and you’ll say it over and over (and over) until you hear the “Your welcome” you are waiting for.

You teach your big sis as much as she teaches you. Things like sensitivity, patience, good manners, unselfishness. You two are so different but compliment each other so well!

You are so funny. You like cold oatmeal and puree vegetables. But you have a hard time finishing a chocolate chip cookie!

Maybe that is why you are the smallest of the 3. However, you only seem “petite” compared to your big-boned siblings. The Dr assured us you are not, in fact, petite at 50th% in weight and 60th% in height. I do laugh though because you and Soren share the same diaper size and wear the same size clothes now (18 mos)

You are a mean block stacker and it is by far one of your favorite past-times. Along with eating sand and bugs and stickers (& yes, I have proof of such occurrences) 😉

You spend more than half (15 hrs to be exact) of the 24 hour day here…

Two years later and Daddy and I still find ourselves in disbelief at your cooperation for sweet slumber (if you knew how Spicy resists it, you’d understand)

You are just gorgeous, my Genevieve.

Happy 2 years Baby girl!!!

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  1. ok after leaving my comment on your last post (or I guess it was your newer post since I read them out of order), NOW I can see why you have the strength to say “yes God, BRING on more kids.” I feel like I have 15 kids of my own right now (in just Brayden). Maybe if Tyler is more like Sweet G, then I would reconsider. And oh my gosh, when I saw that second picture of her I had to stop because she looks just like a much younger version of your Ita! I havent seen your kids in so long…my oh my she has grown into such a beautiful young woman. I can hardly stand it! And oh so serious! Nothing like Alizea’s constant smile! I love how different they are. You must be so amazed!

  2. You’ve captured Genevieve’s “magic” so well in your keen observations that only a mommy can make. I find myself often looking up at her most recent picture in my classroom when I feel stressed and overwhelmed and her look of serenity brings me a measurable level of peace. When she’s here at the house, I so enjoy just watching her take in the world and her surroundings in her own special way. She is indeed a most special little person!!

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