The Golden State

There are a lot of little reasons why Dean and I don’t like California but there are a few, big reasons why we really do!

Second to family, which is golden, is the ability to pack up the 5 of us and be here within 15 minutes in the dead of winter. 😉

Even forgetting the sand toys and passing right by the aromas of home-made ice cream without stopping, didn’t keep us from having a good time.

witnessing the salty air and ocean breeze cooling her face as she swung without a care in the world, hearing her sing a made-up song as she digs and runs the sand through her fingers, and catching his contagious cackle as he is suspended in the air…also, golden!

So excited to see this father-son bond develop and strengthen

There’s nothing sexier to me than a husband who doubles as a fabulous father. I guess that’s what keeps the circle of life goin’ 😉

So blessed to have a quick, free, go-to spot that brings us closer to each other and makes us feel connected to our Creator!



3 Responses to The Golden State

  1. Marisa your are AMAZING! no WORDS to describe you, really enjoy your photos, writing and your SPIRIT! Love you so much, aunt Yoli
    God bless you and you are a gift to the family.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how the simple things in life are often the most meaningful and lasting. And these are the moments that form and mold the character and memories of the little ones. Keep it up!! Love you!

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