The Christmas Season, 2011

I was tempted to think I was way “behind” in documenting our Christmas happenings but as I mentioned in this post, the Church doesn’t just celebrate a one day event but rather a season of events all year long and all centered around the life of Christ and so we have still been enjoying the beautifully decorated altars with lit trees, special flowers and nativity scenes of Christmas until The Epiphany (when the Wise Men brought their gifts to Jesus) which we celebrated last night at mass, so technically, I’m not that late at all!  😉

 Anyway, when I think back over the last couple of weeks, the words that stick out in my mind  are excitement, joy,


I'd say it's definitely time to take a trip to the snow if she gets this enamored by bubbles.

and love.

4 Generations pictured! Oh and not bad for an unmanned shot (ie: self timer)

My memories are filled with good times gathering with friends and family, starting new traditions for our family of five, baking, lots of smiles and laughter, lots of food, lots and lots of de-li-cious food (can you tell I love to eat?), and above all, growing into a deeper relationship with Christ through prayer and the Eucharist.

We kicked things off with a trip, soon after Thanksgiving (in the pouring rain) to the Christmas Fantasia put on by the Carmelite Sisters (aka, Aunt Carol & friends) filled with food, entertainment and fun events for the kiddos.

Clearly, Santa was a volunteer and Soren is not amused by his guise and his glasses which are just.... all wrong! hehe

Then, we surprised our dear friends, missionaries in the Congo, who we hadn’t seen in close to 3 years. What a treat that was!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to see so many family members on both sides, to squeeze in to 2 separate Christmas Eve gatherings which meant getting in and out of the car 6 times, free of stress and meltdowns…

GG's incredible house finally made the Channel 4 news with Fritz!
Alizea didn't have a clue who Santa was! hehe. The beauty of innocence.

…To spend Christmas day filled with plenty of Mimi, Bapa and Nini lovin’…

Nini and her prodigy! 😉
I love this girl!!!
Mom & Dad were so touched by their new clubs! Way to go sissies!
Oh, how she loves her Bapa!

And then of course, spending a couple days to include my 32nd birthday with a couple of 80 year old’s, who also happen to be among my best friends was just incredibly special…

There is no gap in age when it is filled with immense love.

…and lastly, to have had daddy home for almost 2 weeks was icing on the cake!  Hence, the lack of blogging. And hence, why my body and mind are still draggin’ to get on the routine and schedule that desperately calls my attention! 😉

What an incredible thing to ponder that Jesus is now with us, God in the flesh. Emanuel. Prince of Peace. Lord of Lords. Savior to all. W.O.W…..

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  1. What an amazing collage of pictures that so captures your Christmas! It was fun reliving the parts I was present for, as well as seeing the ones I wasn’t part of. Again, your photography is absolutely stunning. The family picture at Ito and Ita’s is awesome. It must have been that special “tripod”-ha, ha. Thanks for the one with me and Alizea. She is indeed a most special girl in my life! She brings such life and such enthusiasm to my life. Did you do some special effects on the one with you and Miranda? It was cool! I really loved the candid ones of mom and I seeing our gift from the “3”. It was indeed a wonderful Christmas and I can’t imagine one without our beautiful family which seems to just be growing and growing with each passing year.

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