Six Months!

Hello there, Mr. No-Neck.

hehe…(I think a mom’s allowed to have a smile at the expense of her kids after the spit-up in the newly washed hair, the poop on the newly washed favorite shirt, the pee in the face, and being awaken out of a dead sleep to list just a few of the slight inconveniences of her job)

Plus, you’ve never had much of a neck…hehe

I can’t believe you are half a year old!

Gosh, with all that hair and that mature look, you look more like a little boy than a baby 🙁

…A couple days late but I was curious what your “stats” would be at your well check today and wanted to include them in the update.

*You are still in the 97-98th percentile in length/height and have slowed down a bit in the weight department. Only 85th percentile weighing in at 21 pounds. No wonder my lower back and arms get a work out carrying you or standing up while holding you.

*You are still such an incredibly mellow, somber yet happy little guy. I couldn’t believe how tough you were after your pokes today. SO very different from the girls. You are definitely made differently (& I thank GOD for that daily!) 😉

*You are still drooling and gnawing but no signs of that 1st tooth yet.

*You love your sisters and are most content having them nearby and hearing their voices.

*You just got your 1st taste of some greens but you still don’t seem terribly interested or ready to eat.

*You seem to love your sleep and it doesn’t take much activity to wear you out. This is your sleepy look begging for some momma’s milk and your soft bed…

*When you roll to your tummy, you get stuck and frustrated so Dr says we can work on getting you to lay your head to one side and stretch your outside arm so you can twist yourself back to your back. That’s the only thing that seems to wake you in the night and I usually, don’t have the heart to let you cry it out until you tire yourself back to sleep.

*You keep getting sweeter and more handsome.

And although your pregnancy and the reality of another baby had me nervous and worried, I can’t imagine my life without you!

You make our family better and all of us more holy and we all love you so much!

2 Responses to Six Months!

  1. I hope we can see you guys soon cuz he doesnt EVEN look like the same baby that I saw last time!! He is SO much bigger than Tyler I cant even believe it. Plus, you always seem to get him dressed and jsut yesterday my mom was asking me, “Carrie do you ever take Tyler out of pj’s?” Haha! Three kids, I dont know how you manage to get them all dressed!!

  2. Wow, 6 months, and counting! They grow way too fast! The little man of the family definitely has his own special and adorable “look!” These pictures are amazing and capture his pensive, pleading, happy and serious sides. I really need a picture of Soren for my room!! (Hint, Hint)

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