Sister time

The girls spent Monday and Tuesday with Mimi. In the meantime,  I got to spend quality time with my baby sister before starting her new job. We had a blast shopping, dining, staying up late talking until we fell asleep on the couch with all the lights on, sleeping in, online browsing, decorating, even the cleaning was enjoyable with her around. Oh, and our time together is never complete without some heavy furniture moving. We’re part amazon, you know 😉

These 2 always come back the best of friends after their slumber parties and time away. Too bad it doesn’t last forever 😉

Our mornings almost always consist of some sort of dance show. I make a big, long  introductory announcement including their full names and lots of clapping. They love it.  And I love it because I get to sit on my butt (at their request) in my soft, warm robe, feet up and coffee in hand! Not a bad way to start my morningBut Soren might have the best seat in the house. He seems to thoroughly enjoy all the action and attention.  But after awhile, even the prima ballerina’s can’t hold his interestHappy Friday! Have a great and relaxing weekend everyone!

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  1. New job WHATTT? You’ll have to tell me details!

    OMG coming from a mom of boys, I cannot believe your mornings allow you to SIT and watch your kids perform! My mornings are the EXACT opposite. I spend my mornings chasing Brayden around the house and then trying to get him to eat, get dressed and brush his teeth. While I am nursing the baby, I am shielding him with the other arm from the tornado that is his older brother! There is no sitting and enjoying dance shows. Gosh, i just MIGHT have to try for that girl someday…u know, just to see what all the fuss is about, of course ; ) Haha

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