We are recovering.

Recovering from being away from any sort of routine. And recovering from sickness. Yep, as soon as we got home, Sweet G started with the sniffles. Within days, it was a lovely well rounded cold with coughing, conjestion, fever and mucous. Lots and lots of mucous. Spicy trailed just behind her and the girls just couldn’t leave their brother out so 3 staggered colds equals one fun (heavy on the sarcasm) week (I knew that vacation had a special purpose) ….and then momma. Ah yes, let us not forget about the matriarch. I got hit hard. Slammed. But not with your common cold. Oh no. You see it started with the sneezing and itchy eyes and then it blind sided me. It took a turn, turning into your full-blown flu. And not just your 24-hour flu but one that improves ever so slightly and gradually so just when you think you have the energy to do something, anything, it reminds you that you are still a helpless little prey. All, I have to say is yuck!

But, I have to document how utterly impressed (& rather shocked) I was with Miss Spicy during a span of several consecutive days of being cooped up in the house with mommy on the couch other than to change diapers and go to the bathroom (even meals consisted of the girls grabbing crackers or cheese on their own – it was that bad). On my worst day of horrendous aches and chills from the fevers (seriously, worse than labor pains. Ok, maybe not worse but just as bad), I explained to her how sick I was and that I needed to take a rest while the other 2 were napping and I would probably fall asleep. I gave her all the options of activities she could partake in (pretty much anything she could ever want to do) but I would not be able to help her go potty or play with her. I told her I really needed her to be a good, big sister and not fight with Sweets or get frustrated when she didn’t understand her. To my amazement, she entertained herself quietly for over 3 hours. And when the littles awoke, she was such a big helper bringing me diapers and burp cloths,  letting Genevieve choose the movies, sharing, teaching and communicating like a mature young lady that I hardly recognized 😮

And no, this is not staged. She actually chose this magazine among several and asked if I coud make a miniature version of some pillows she saw in there for her baby dolls. I guess something is rubbing off on her. 🙂

Anyway, I think we are over the worst and boy, do I have a renewed appreciation for our health!

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  1. Oops, I posted my comment on the wrong post..I meant to put it on the post where G is counting and color coding blocks and A is writing in Latin (and of course drooly is grabbing his feeties).

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