Out of nowhere, this one started counting to 10 and sorting by color and shape.

The same day she shocks me with her newly acquired knowledge, this one started grabbing his feet, rocking and rolling from back to front.

And then this one started writing paragraphs in Latin for the 1st time.

*I should also report that Spicy is embracing her schoolwork with such cooperation and enthusiasm! She seems to love the learning she is doing and leads us in the evenings in the Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary in Latin. She is also enjoying her new punishment of counting to 100 in Latin (or English) in order to be released from “time out”. Never thought the day would come…

And that makes for one proud momma! 🙂

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  1. You have every reason to be very proud! You are seeing the fruits of your labor and the tree will just keep bearing bountiful, overflowing harvests of fruit!! They will continue to “blow you away” with their insatiable thirst for knowledge and new experiences!

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