It’s the most wonderful time…

Of the Year!!!

I love how our Church has the liturgical year, ie: seasons and events during the calendar year that signify the sorrows and joys of Christ throughout his life as well as our humanity. It reminds us of our purpose on earth, deepens our sense of wonder and helps us walk with Him throughout the year. Sunday began the Advent season, a time of preparation both externally and internally for the birth of our Lord and Savior and last night we began a new family tradition. After dinner, we turned off all the lights, lit the 1st candle on our Advent wreath, daddy gave a brief explanation of the preparation we do and the symbolism of the wreath, he read a few verses from the Gospel of John, we prayed, sang “Silent Night” and then the highglight for the girls, they got to blow out the candle. It was prcious seeing their little praying hands, listening attentively and wide eyed, singing off pitch yet proudly as they raised their voices and counting together 1-2-3 as they blew, returning our home to total darkness. Simple, yet pretty neat. And hopefully if we keep this up day after day and year after year, it will be a little tradition they can go away with, feeling like it brought them closer to Jesus.And then there is preparing our home for the big celebration ahead! And the joy and wonder in the girls is just beautiful! Thanks to an amazingly generous family member, I have this Precious Moments village, complete with a Post Office, Sweet Shop, Train Station, School, Library, Restaurant, Toy Shop and Church and it is now giving my children so much enjoyment that it gave me many years earlier. Not to mention, the decorating statement it makes to all! THANK YOU!!!! You know who you are πŸ˜‰

It dawned on me that this is the 1st year (ever) but especially post children that I have christmas cards made, addressed and mailed (!), tubs down from rafters and halfway emptied, and shopping list made before December 1st! What?!? I couldn’t figure out how this was possible especially with the added distractions chaos commotion, I mean blessings πŸ˜‰ this year. And then, the light bulb went off! It’s the 1st year in 3 years that I haven’t been pregnant! Last year, in my 1st trimester of the perpetual nauseating glory and the year before in my 40th week, waddling state! And I realized it is much easier to have the 3 living outside of my body than perhaps even just 1 inside πŸ˜‰

Here’s to enjoying each and every moment of the coming weeks and Advent/Christmas season!


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  1. OK I love your new tradition of lighting the candle, praying and singing holy night every night!! Is that every night leading up to Christmas, starting on the 28th? And is that a Catholic thing (like with a special “advent wreath”)? I love it and want to do it too! Tell me more (I esp want to hear what Dean said is the meaning behind it).

    And I really want to see a finished picture (or better than that…see it in person) of the Precious Moments village!!!!! I LOVE Christmas villages (started putting ours up this am) and I love precious moments…I would be thrilled to see the combo of the two. What a great present someone gave you!! (I have my guess ; ) Hehe)

  2. As usual, I’m reading and responding a few weeks after the post. This post on the beginning of advent reminds me of how fleeting time is, as we are now post Christmas. But in reflecting on time passed, I am reminded of the fragile nature of our earthly life and the “blink of an eye” existence we live here. It so gratifies me to see how you relish each day with your kids and husband. I couldn’t give you any better advice than that which you already practice.

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