First Getaway as 5

If you would’ve told me 4 months ago that we would be vacationing as a family of 5 with 3 kidletts under 4.5 years of age, I would’ve thought you were crazy! Granted our destination was less than 2 hours away, but we survived, the kids had fun, we got to relax, we bonded and came back refreshed. I’d say it was a successful getaway!

And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather was gorgeous and there were no crowds.  Hardly anyone, actually, at the resort as well as the places we visited!

Sadly, I forgot my camera but the few pictures we took on daddy's iphone to capture the memories didn't turn out so bad!

Although our timeshare purchase in almost paid off, every couple months that we get our quarterly maintenance fees, Daddy & I moan and groan and think twice about our investment and say we should look into selling it. But every time we use it and enjoy it, we are glad we have so many spots to escape to for retreat & recreation, for creating wonderful memories for our family and we feel like it’s worth the money! Still, you better believe I  took every ‘complimentary’ (huh, we own those, thanks to our dues) shampoo, conditioner, soap bar, dish soap and toilet paper roll. 🙂 And, despite the spacious room, jacuzzi tubs, granite countertops and new pillow top beds with feather-down comforters and pillows, we were still very much on a budget! We ate a lot of mac’n’ cheese (with hidden veggies), PB &J sandwhiches, cereal, oatmeal, applesauce and trail mix we brought from home. We tried to eat one modest meal out (a day) and a local drive-thru Subway was our ticket to peace and happiness!

The trip was a really good balance of on-the-go fun, special activities for the kids and laid back, relaxing days for rest, play, lounging and just being together without any distractions. Although, we were there (in Ramona/SanDiego) when I was pregnant with Genevieve, we hadn’t been to the zoo since Alizea was a baby…

March, 2008 just before daddy's deployment and November, 2011

Yes, there were car rides which consisted of noise, very unpleasant noise, mind you. (ie: all 3 crying, whining, yelling, screaming, fighting, did I mention whining? loudly.  At the same time! ) and our patience and perseverance was surely tested. But, there were so many more moments of pure joy, laughter, giggling, squealing in excitement, sharing, loving and actually quite a few quiet, enjoyable drives where babies rested and Daddy and I enjoyed peaceful conversations or listened to inspiring talks or jammed to great music.

The highlight of the trip was no surprise, mass on All Saints Day. Dean & I have always loved to visit new church’s all over and experience their many differences from the style of the architecture, art and music to the style of the priest’s  homily, (some more to our liking than others), but knowing they are all a part of one united, universal (did you know that’s the definition of catholic?) church where the essence, the reason for worship and dogma are the same, every.where.  you. go.   is pretty awesome! It was really neat to have that new experience of being away yet feeling so at home. Together. All 5 of us 🙂

 And a vacation with littles just wouldn’t be normal without one of these moments…

We’re pretty bummed that tonight it ends and daddy goes back  to work tomorrow. (oh yeah, and me too!) But I suppose we wouldn’t enjoy or even need the vacation if we didn’t work hard at something the rest of the time!

So, here’s to the next one! 🙂

3 Responses to First Getaway as 5

  1. Haha that video is great! How could anyone get mad at someone so cute?? Even the way she was playing with her hair KNOWING she did something bad but then said in that SWEET voice, “Naaaa” I didnt mean to do it!

    Been meaning to ask you if your timeshare is called Lawrence Welk (spelling?)?

    Were you gone like a week? How fun! Glad you survived and managed to stay positive (dont think i could say the same thing for myself if I were in your position…hehe)! Miss ya.

    PS Im kinda glad you forgot your camera because I bet it helped you to relax THAT much more, not having to stress about capturing the perfect shots!

  2. I’m so glad you were able to get away with some family time. You, especially, deserved it! The facial expressions on everyone’s faces make it obvious the enjoyment that everyone was experiencing. The video of the spilled cereal was hilarious, and I enjoyed watching several others also. What a neat feature to include in your blog.

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