4 Months

My handsome one.

When daddy saw this picture, he asked, “who is that?” and was completely sincere. Nice one Dean, don’t even recognize your own offspring.  I agree, it’s an odd angle and doesn’t look much like you without those chubby cheeks and full lips but it is you and I thought it was a cool shot for a cool baby boy.

Ah yes, that’s more like it…

What a happy, pleasant baby you are and a complete joy to be around.
Since the last update, you are:

~Babbling a lot more.

~Laughing a lot (especially interacting and responding to biggest sis).

~Drooling a. lot. Your sisters hardly ever drooled so I’m curious to see whether you’ll be our ‘early’ (before your 1st birthday) teether or whether you’re just a slobbery boy.

~Blowing bubbles

~And sucking on pretty much anything:

~You are getting more and more coordinated (you like to play with your hands)

~Continuing to grow at a very rapid pace. You are wearing 12 month clothes, which tells me you’ve grown about 3 months in clothes for every month of your age. This may be why you’re having a little trouble sitting up on your own. That’s a lot of weight to hold up and balance!  I’m not used to holding and nursing such a big baby but I’m so thrilled you are so healthy! You don’t have the rolls the girls did. You’re just nice and thick and full and plump!

However, we don’t call this the exercise mat for nothin’. When you’re not in the swing playing with the toys on the tray or relaxing or napping, you are here, burning calories: twisting and turning, rolling, hitting, grabbing, stretching and a little bit of scooting.

~We should call you “Lizard boy” because you are often caught with your tongue out like this: (and you like to lick everything)

~Your ‘schedule‘ consists of 2  1-2.5 hr naps with a bedtime of around 8:30 at night and awaking around 7:30am. (so as long as the other 2 cooperate and we don’t have a molar cutting or a 3am potty run, momma is a very happy camper)

~You have your very own, unique self-soothing technique. No thumb, no pacifier. When you are getting tired or hungry, you bite your lower lip and suck on it. It’s the cutest thing and I’m so glad I caught it:

My only complaint is the massive quantity of regurgitated milk that spews from your mouth. All. Day. Long. And yes, it is every bit disgusting as it sounds. I have never experienced such amounts of spit-up. Consequently, I am changing your clothes, my clothes and anyone within 5 feet of you several times a day. As in three or more times. Since I don’t want to smell like old, dried vomit when daddy comes home (how romantic), I am changing and washing clothes. All. the. time!

But I guess I can live with that. To have this:

Every. Single. Waking moment.

You are just awesome, Buddy Bear (daddy’s nickname we have all embraced)!





3 Responses to 4 Months

  1. Dang he is getting cuter and cuter and cuter in every single post!! Im with Dean, I could NOT tell that pic was of Soren.

    I almost choked on my tea when I read 12 months clothes!!! Tyler is a CHUNKER too and coming up on 7 months, he is still in 6 months clothes (well except for footie pj’s where he is 9 mos). I cannot believe it!! Now I really have to see your BIG little man soon!

  2. Buddy Bear is just adorable. There is a special intrigue about watching a little boy grow and develop. Of course, this is a very new experience for me and I’m lovin’ it! I must add that he is a beautiful baby!!

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