A very well balanced weekend

Much was accomplished this past weekend that nourished my body, soul and spirit:

*A much needed, long overdue jog to the local college and around the track. It definitely helped that I was distracted and entertained by a men’s soccer game and catching the tie-breaking goal at the tail end. (and um, so what if the 70 year old’s walking pace next to me was faster than my “run”)

*A cool down consisting of weeding, watering and pruning while stopping to capture some new guests in our yard

getting practice on the Manual setting too!

…And welcoming an excited little helper from her special time with daddy

*A fun outing to get away from work and focus on the blessings of our family.

The roles reversed this year with little Sweet having no fear of the petting farm while a very timid big sis chose to watch from afar with the guys.

*Absconding the safe yet treacherous ‘cry room’ for the 1st time and enjoying participating in surviving through mass in the main sanctuary (to include chasing after Sweet G as she crawled under my legs and darted into the aisles during the consecration, of course, while daddy was outside reprimanding training our eldest on sitting still and keeping her voice down). Hey, it was a first!

*And an extended weekend celebrating the 83rd year of a very special someone’s birthday.

What a wonderful time we had at the sleepy house, the retreat home, the beautiful spiritual haven of Ita and Ito’s.

And oh.my.goodness., how completely spoiled we got.

Thank you, Ita & Ito for recharging my battery (& stocking my pantries). We came to try and bless you and left far more blessed (with full tummy’s, happy hearts and ignited spirits!)

Happy Birthday to one of my very best friends!!!! 🙂


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  1. How lucky you are, Marisa, to be able to still have a close relationship with two grandparents and an added bonus is the relationship and memories your kids will have of their great grandparents. Not a lot of kids can say that. It is all part and parcel of the total contribution of so many to forming their minds and values. What an awesome pair, Ito and Ita, to contribute.

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