Baby Boy Faux Pax & A Comparison

Who says you can’t accessorize with boys?

Take a SO TOtally cool vintage Tshirt (Thanks Auntie Puja!)

Pair it with a flannel and a beanie and you have…

…a baby who looks like an old, fat, truck driver!? 🙂

Ok, maybe not so much… But check out how much Mr Serious looks like Miss Spicy at the same age…

(and there have been many times, I look at him and have those deja vu moments, flashbacks of Alizea’s baby stage. Simply fascinating how those genes work)

same round face, full cheeks and nose, very similar eyes and mouth!

Poor Sweet G! (at least she looks like her daddy’s daughter) Maybe she’ll have a look-alike with #4, God-willing 😉

Happy Friday and Have a Blessed weekend everyone!

2 Responses to Baby Boy Faux Pax & A Comparison

  1. Don’t feel sorry for Sweet G-she is so adorable and has a look of her own and it is most special. And there is just something most unique about her expressions and personality that will lead to great things, I’m sure! As for Soren, yes, he resembles his big sister, but I have a feeling that the resemblance will stop at appearance! All 3 of the kids are “one of a kind!”

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