3 Months

Oh Soren buddy, you are one cool cat for only 3 months…

I think you were born with a special wisdom that you better not compete with the ladies because you are one mellow little guy. I never imagined such a good baby. So low maintenance. I didn’t know what to expect with a boy and I admit, expected far worse, but you are the easiest baby thus far. I’m sure you are so entertained and stimulated by your surroundings, be it, big sis stroking your face ever so gently or biggest sis sqeezing and pinching those cheeks until marks are left that there is no need to lull you to sleep. I can’ t blame them. Your cheeks are irresistible. There are many moments during the day when I realize I haven’t held you or given you my full attention in a while. Longer than I would like. Perhaps, your other caregivers make up for my being ever so slightly distracted.

You sleep. You sleep, oh so well. You eat, you poop, you play and you chill. And unless you’re tummy is hungry or you need your quiet, resting space (which is hard to come by around here), you are content. You are uncomplicated. You are male. And I love it.

(Something about the estrogen-induced competitiveness, emotional outbursts and the length of time it takes to dress the gals due to arguing over why we don’t wear tennis shoes with a dress or have mis-matching bows in our hair has me a bit ready for the changes you bring to the table)

You already have your little personality that is budding like a beautiful flower (is that too feminine sounding???) Er, rising like a beefy meatloaf…(ahhh, much more manly) Case in point. You can be so serious one second …

and then, soooo joyful the next…(Usually when you just hear daddy’s voice or see me walking by)

I also never imagined I would have so much fun with your wardrobe. I know everyone says girls are so much more fun with the ribbed tights, the 5 10 20 pairs of shoes (just sandals, mind you, not to mention boots, tennis and Sunday’s best), the headbands and hair bows but I’m rather liking the variety of flannels and jeans and 1 pair of shoes that match with every outfit. You are pictured here in a Calvin Klein shirt, Baby GAP jeans & VANS, of course, and I didn’t spend a dime. A big THANK YOU to Tina, Michelle and Jenny for the coolest hand-me-downs.

However, there is nothing cuter than those little toesies of yours exposed

You are one big baby. At 17 pounds and 26 inches long, you aren’t that far behind Sweet G (& in a bind, you guys can definitely share diapers!) I thought you would be “off the charts” (which I guess would make you the biggest and longest baby recorded, right?) but you were only 96th and 98th percentile for your age group. You are wearing 9 month clothing (or 6-12 or even 12 mos) so it seems you definitely have the genes from both grandpa’s. No one will be bullying you around! You are holding your head up really well and you are gaining control of your hands.

I’m so glad daddy has a little buddy and I get to experience the specialness of a mother-son bond.

I can already tell you have a very special role in our family and I’m so excited to see it continue to unfold.

We all love you to pieces.

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  1. Wow, he is SUCH a big boy! I cant believe that my “big baby” is 5 1/2 months and still totally in 6 month clothing! In fact, I never get him dressed…he is in pj’s all day or simply a onesie. We havent even attempted jeans or a t-shirt much less shoes. Which reminds me…we have the SAME vans and YES I love how 1 pair of shoes matches every single boy outfit. B is 3 and we can still get away with 1 pair of shoes…we just let him wear them out!

    I love how Soren is a total combo (looks wise) of both your girls…That is amazing! Def a cutie too ; )

  2. Thanks for the compliment to the male gender-“uncomplicated.!” Oh my gosh, how Soren is changing so quickly! There goes that time thing again, ever moving forward, waiting for no one!!!!

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