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Sweet G is becoming quite the sassy little one And it is so much fun to see her personality blooming each and every day! However, that also means that “time-out’s” are in full force around here. Yep, even Sweet G is subject to the 20 month developmental stage of testing limits and expressing her unique self even if that means throwing herself on the floor in disapproval. The main reasons for discipline? Standing up in her high chair and pulling yanking on ripping her older sister’s hair out. This Sweet thang can be quite the insitigator and bully (Hum, I wonder where she learned that technique from?) One thing that has remained constant though, from a very early age, is her independence. Case in point…Yesterday, when it was time for Mimi to leave after watching the kids for a few hours while I went to the Dr’s, Sweet G ran to the Grandma Limo (the Lincoln Nav) and began her babbling and pointing which we knew meant she wanted to go with Mimi. When she feared we weren’t understanding what she was communicating, she reached up to Mimi, arms completeley outstretched and waited quietly & patiently on her hip during our 25 minute goodbye
(pretty impressive for any toddler on the move).  And after she clawed Mimi’s skin clingled to Mimi when she attempted to let her down and started crying balling when Mimi said “goodbye”, mom & I looked at each other as if to read each other’s minds followed by our usual exchange which goes a little something like this (every single time she offers to have the girls over):

Me: Are you sure??? You don’t have to take her (or them) just because she (or they) wants to go. Especially if you have things you want to do.

Mom: I’ll be fine. But is that ok with you?

Me: of course but are you sure?

Mimi: As long as she won’t be unhappy or miss mommy or daddy or sister too much, we’ll have a great time together! Should we try it? See if she means it & won’t be miserable away from home?

Me: (a very emphatic) YES!!!!!  I can always come pick her up anytime. Are you sure???

Mom: Yes, are you sure???

 and within minutes seconds, I was in her room quickly throwing clothes into her pink, overnight suitcase. Mimi extended the inivitation to Spicy but she insisted she was perfectly content playing ‘Princess being chased by bad guys & Prince saves her’  out front with daddy. Our last & final attempt to talk G out of it was repeatedly interrupted by a rather loud, squeaky voice & chubby little wave to “bye momma, bye dadda, bye A-yeya” and off they drove!

This was a first.

And the post 2-night stay report is that Sweet G acted like a mature little girl as Mimi’s shopping partner, park buddy and even sat quietly in front of the Blessed Sacrament for over 45 minutes! My little old soul 🙂

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  1. Indeed, Sweet G is growing up! I haven’t seen the tantrum side of her yet, though. But she is independent and it is a quality to rejoice in. We just need to harness and channel it! It was a complete delight to spend time with just G!

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