Remembering Grandma Emde

Last Sunday would have been Grandma’s 91st Birthday.

In honor of her & the day she was given life, which is why we (pictured) are a family to begin with, we gathered at the cemetary near her grave site to share her life, her love, her favorite foods she used to cook and eat, some funny stories, some heartfelt memories and to just be together.

It was a special time for our family as well. We rarely have a chance to enjoy each other’s company without any distractions whatsoever, without the noise of life, of tiredness, hunger and frustration but all the littles seemed to really enjoy the open, peaceful, quiet setting and being surrounded by so much love.  So, I took advantage and snapped away!

Me and my beautiful girls:

And the handsome guys:

Soren's funky hairdo is what happens when I forget to comb it after a bath
Hopefully noone was bothered by Sweet G's little footsteps 😉

And what do you know. We actually got another decent shot of all 5 of us.

So then I got brave cocky and thought I could get one of the 3 siblings together, especially since Bapa has requested one for his classroom…Um, yeah, that was pushing my luck just a tad. These were the best of many many attempts…Maybe next time.

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  1. Marisa, Thanks for being a part of a very meaningful day for Aunt Sherry and me. As always, your family brings such joy, fun and laughter to every occasion. The pictures are precious. Your kids are so expressive and I love the candid ones!

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