Pure as White!

“Jesus answered, Amen, amen I say to you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and spirit.”

John 3:5

Last weekend (August 27th for the babybook recording) our little Soren was baptised! What an incredible blessing to witness him being washed clean of original sin, born again of water and spirit and welcoming him into the family of God!

The incredible God-parents who also happen to be my God-parents.

Talk about Soren being majorly blessed with prayer warriors and mountain movers. Woohoo!

The fam with Father Larry

After the joyous occassion, we continued the celebration at home with a lovely brunch & fellowship with some of our favorite people.

My awesome husband who graciously cooperated in wearing a pink tie to coordinate with the rest of our outfits, about to give the toast, and some very important people who make our lives so rich & meaningful.

Yet again, I had so much fun planning all the details of the celebration, but probably my favorite thing was creating the menu…

I tried to keep all edible items in line with the white theme and I think it was a success.  Pina colada’s starred as our toasting beverage followed by an assortment of breakfast and lunch foods such as powdered donuts, chicken quesadillas & sour cream, chicken salad sandwhiches on white bread, Deli white potato salad, white pears, white chocolate covered strawberries, seafood dip, crackers & cheese, and plenty of sweet snacks like popcorn, yogurt-covered pretzels and a white blend of cream soda and coconut flavored jelly beans. Oh & mini cheesecake’s & cake pops for dessert. Other beverages included white wine and milk, of course, (the sodas and beer remained banished to the hidden ice chest)

And I decided when I really wanted to make quiche’s  that yellow is just a slightly darker shade of white. 😉

I dusted off the china and was thrilled to see it being put to use.  And thanks to Superdad, one of the many little projects he finished the week prior was installing & hooking up our secondary urn fountain for quite the wonderful ambiance.

And of course, this wonderful occassion wouldn’t have been so, if it weren’t for the other superhero. Super-Mimi’s contributions included wrapping 20+ utencil settings adorned with tiny medals of Jesus, The Divine Child, and making 30+ tissue paper flowers for our “pom pom” decorations that were hung all over the backyard (Big thanks to Nini)

Not only that, but she whisked the girls away throughout the week and on Friday for a slumber party so the boys & I could go shopping and finish cleaning, cooking and decorating. Big D & I stayed up way too late (or early, rather) but we had so much fun listening to music, talking like newlyweds and sipping on our white russian cocktails (we had to make sure they were good for our guests) while he made a cool music playlist and these… (what a guy!)

and I crafted, painted, sewed, glued, chopped, scrubbed and finished these:

Scripture flowers… (nevermind Daddy’s comment about desecrating the Word for the sake of good decor. It was a teensy tiny Bible I got for free to add to our 10 or more in a less than desirable translation, not that I feel guilty or the need to explain myself or anything)

Another last minute project:

The guest of honor’s special table with prayer card party favors (what a great idea, Mimi!)

Soren donning his home-made onesie that I stitched at 3am for his post-baptism outfit change. Ito in his matching “comfy clothes”

Oh how I love you, my little saint!

At one point during all the preparations and planning, I shared with the Mr. how I realized all of my research, mental planning, list making and creating could should be transformed into prayers and offered for our son to grow to know and love the Lord and to be open to always doing His will for him. What a difference it made in my level of stress and joy! All for the glory of God! (even party preppin’)

What a beautiful day that I will hold dear to my heart forever!


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  1. Soren’s baptism was such a memorable day from the wonderful cleansing moment in church to the absolutely phenomenally decorated day at your house. Your talent is so enormous for creating that right touch that defines the moment so articulately. Your creativity and loving thoughtfulness continues to amaze me. I always thoroughly enjoy the days spent at your house for those special occasions, as, of course, I do for those not special occasions! Love you, Dad

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