Our Special Time

I love having girls.

I understand them. We’re one in the same. And I’ll take the rollercoaster of emotions and the drama that go along with this…

I mean, who doesn’t want to bring back the blue eye shadow from the 80’s? Seriously though, I have been yearning for some one-on-one time with my Spicy one. For more than the one hour slot we get during the younger babes overlapping naps. For more than just enough time to work on a lesson while I’m nursing. It’s amazing how God knows our needs and always provides. He used Mimi to grant a totally unplanned ‘first’ whereby the middle child was pleading for her special time with Grandma (with or without big sis) & to all of our astonishment, a polite decline by Spicy which allowed for my desire to be met.  A complete unexpected surprise. That’s how He works.

And so I painted her nails as we chatted, girl to girl about womanhood and true femininity and pirates and elephants, and we went to the store and leisurely paroozed the aisles as she placed everything in her little shopping cart. We cooked dinner together and kneaded dough; We visited friends and talked in the car on the way to pick up daddy. We exchanged a lot of “I love you’s”. It was a special time and I thank the Lord & my mom for showering us Soto girls with so many blessings.

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  1. Imagining your special time together just warms my heart. What a loving, sacrificial mother you are to your kids. I stand in awe at your ability to give so much time and attention to each of the three, while balancing about ten other roles at the same time!! Don’t ever second guess yourself as your precious ones being armed for their future and what a coat of armour they will wear as they face life with the loving assurance of their mother!!

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