Happy 2 Months & 31st!!!

Our sweet and somber Soren. You are just perfect!

You already have quite the little personality. You are simple and patient and peaceful and calm and oh, so easy going with the constant noise and pokes that surround you daily.

I was starting to get worried that you were a little too serious since you wouldn’t crack a smile in the first few weeks like your sisters did but boy, was it worth the wait.

As long as you’re fed, dry and rested, you are one joyful baby

And like Sweet G, you seem to really cooperate with the need to sleep. You seem to enjoy your sleep because you sleep a. lot. 3 2hr naps and 8-10 hrs at night. It doesn’t take much to soothe you. No pacifier (hardly ever) or thumb, no rocking necessary. During the day, you almost always nap in the swing or in your car seat if we’re out and about, or even lying down in the stroller if we’re taking a walk to the park. At night, we swaddle you, lay you down and after a few whimpers, you fall right to sleep. Could you teach your 4 year old sis some of your secreat tips, please? We haven’t been to the Dr’s yet for your 8-10 week check-up but I’m very curious to see your growth progress and if you’re even on the chart for your age group. You have been sporting 6 month clothes already for a couple weeks and I can tell they are already getting a little snug. I do thank God for your health and the heavenly love that you bring to our family. Your sisters adore you and daddy & I feel honored God chose us to be your parents!

Gotta love that cowlick

I’m so excited to see what the next month brings!

And to the Love of My Life,

Happy 31st Birthday! You have done amazing things this past year. Of course God’s graces and blessings abound but you have certainly done your part. You are an amazing provider for all 5 of us, not just materially but in providing a spiritual and moral foundation that challenges all of us to strive for holiness. Thank you for being such a leader to our children so they will learn how to reason well and learn the truths of God and being a living presence to them of our Heavenly Father’s love.  You are more handsome to me than ever and I thank you for working so hard in every area of your life. I thank God for your mother’s ‘yes’ to giving you life and pray He grants you peace, joy and happiness this year!

I love you with all of my being! xoxo

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  1. My goodness, Soren is growing up! Time is so fleeting, and your family reminds me of that undeniable fact. It just seems like yesterday and I was being overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of becoming a grandfather. Now, I see Alizea not as a baby but a little girl. Sweet G will be talking soon and Soren will be scooting around the floor. It excites me to see the growth and anticipate what the future will bring, but a tinge of sadness also accompanies the passage of time as previous stages are forever lost. Your blog, with your incredible reflections and pictures will allow you (and me) to revisit fond memories of days gone bye!! Love you, Dad

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