A new season, change is good

Uggs and spaghetti strap sundresses….

That’s how we do Fall here in Southern California…Other than the fashion statement, the boots serve no real purpose.

Although they do keep her entertained for quite some time…

When we are playing together in our main living area (that Bapa built, for the record), Sweet G often quietly slips away to her room, pulls out her bin of shoes only to turn the corner, wearing these, time and time again, stomping toward us with a big smile on her face pointing and babbling as she beams with pride. She usually gets them on the right foot too!

She must know that family walks at dusk around the block or to the coffee shop for pumpkin spice lattes are just around the corner…

For now, we are still enjoying the sunny days with a slightly cooler breeze on our morning strolls, brunch picnics on the front porch, and rarely does a day go by without some time at the sand table perfecting those fine motor skills…

Lately, it seems like the days and weeks are just flying by. And I feel as though I’m busier than ever (Um, because I am!) Some days moments I feel like I’ve got it together and others, I’m in survival mode from the time the 1st one awakes until the time the last one falls asleep, squeezing in a grocery run for milk at 11:30pm or a shower at 5am! I’d definitely say I’m still adjusting. The jogs are still doing wonders for me. I think the most challenging thing right now are those times when baby S just wants to see me and hear my voice so his face can light up with the biggest widest grin that melts my heart, Sweet G is calling yelling, “momma, momma” because she just built a tower in the next room over or jumped off of her stool and is looking for my affirmation and Spicy has a book in hand, asking me what every word reads that she can’t sound out on her own ….all. at. the. same. time. and I feel torn because I desperately want each of them to know that everything they are experiencing in those moments is the most important thing to me. (OR of course, when they are all whining/crying out of fatigue at the same time but I’ve finally learned to laugh through those) But fortunately, just like the seasons, children change and adapt so quickly. I usually scoop up the baby and gather them all together real close, like a mother hen herding her baby chicks, and we take turns building and knocking over the blocks while little Soren sits on my lap and Spicy exclaims “Good job, Genevieve” or “Did you see that, Sowen?”. Or we all sit up on the couch and I bounce back and forth between helping Spicy read and pointing out words for Sweet to repeat while burying my face in Somber’s fluffy, oh so soft cheeks, smothering him with kisses. It works and they seem to love it too.

And then, there are the moments in the day when baby is napping, Spicy wants some alone time to play games she earned and I can actually sneak a load of laundry in while snapping a few photos of this beautiful one…

My little model, so serious

And so we welcome the little changes that this new season brings as well as those to our growing family!

Happy Fall!

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  1. You are absolutely amazing! As talented, smart, witty, caring and loving as you are and all that you have to offer a job, a business (self), personal pursuits, you were definetely sculpted to be a full-time mom, even if the “full time” isn’t permanent. For now, it seems to be the perfect role for you and you fit it so well. How lucky and fortunate my precious grandkids are!!

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