On the mend (& loving our Bapa time)

I’m happy to report that we are (finally) on the mend. 
 No more fevers.
No more pinning down my 18 month old to give her eye drops. 
Four. Times. A. Day. 
 No more getting sprayed in the face by sneezes and finding random mocos (our family’s word for boogies) on my arms. No joke. 
Other than momma’s very annoying, very persistent cough, we are excited about our health. And our energy.
 And about seeing Bapa shortly after waking for donuts; for fixing things; for hanging new sconces because momma found some for $10 that she just had to have; and for getting ready for a very exciting event coming up. 
Thank you Dad for choosing to spend the last 3 days with us in your final days of summer vacation. 
Thank you, yet again, for your labors of love. 
Thank you for brightening our day.  
Thank you for giving yourself to us.  
Thank you for bringing excitement and inspiration to our home. 
Thank you for infusing your love into each and every one of us.
 I’m not sure why this came out so blurry but I love what it depicts.
A special moment between the guys. No words necessary.

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  1. Marisa, 1000% my pleasure. For me, there is no labor of love. Something done out of love is not a labor, but complete pleasure and I derive so much more from doing for you guys than you can imagine. Seeing you, Dean the kids and being a part of your lives fills me with total satisfaction and anticipation for the next time I can do it again!! I can't wait for Soren's big day. Wonderful pictures, as always. Let's try to get one of the three so I can proudly display it in my room! Love you, Dad

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