Family of Five

Our first official photo as a family of five.
Ignore the fact that the females are sitting far from lady-like and the boy is halfway dressed.
 Not too bad considering naps and feedings were completely thrown off “schedule” (very loosely used) due to 2 parties and 3 stops, hours away from home, in one day.
Speaking of family of five, it finally happened. I knew the day would come. I’ve been expecting it with sort of an anxious, nervous dread. Well, today was the day. It lasted for what seemed to be an eternity to this delirious, sleep deprived, irritable mom who has absolutely zero perception of time but I’m sure it really was only a few minutes, maybe even one. All 3 offspring whining crying screaming at the same time. And all for good reason.  All needing mommy. One was tired and hungry in need of a “milk booby” (as Spicy refers to it), one uncomfortable sitting in a dirty diaper, and the oldest completely flustered by a time constraint (I’m sure my yelling didn’t help her level of anxiety) and frustrated at the inability to put her shoes on solo.  I knew daddy was busy grooming himself for an important meeting and I felt so overwhelmed. So paralyzed. So frustrated. I was tempted to join them as my internal thoughts quickly turned to audible shouts. I was on the brink of a breakdown when daddy stepped in (or rather, out, of the bathroom), reminded me to keep my composure, and swept the youngest babe away, making it manageable to attend to the other 2, pull it together and see daddy and Spicy off with a smile (genuine or not) on my dry, pale, worn face. ha! 
And now? As I sit in total silence, other than the clicking of my laptop keys, Spicy is en route to enjoy the Ringling Brothers circus, thanks to an extremely thoughtful and generous cousin of mine, Daddy is off hopefully making a big sale, and the house is still with two sleeping babes. Ahhh! How quickly things can change around here.
And although unfolded laundry, sticky floors and dishes caked with dried oatmeal residue from this morning’s breakfast seem to glare their ugly faces at me, I think I’m going to go catch a wink or two. 
Good night!

3 Responses to Family of Five

  1. Beautiful family!!
    Sounds like a normal day in the life of a party of five! You are doing great and you are even color coordinated! Congrats and God bless!
    Michelle's Mom

  2. I didnt even notice his clothes werent buttoned until you pointed that out! He just blends in with Dean's shorts.

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