Crafting Corner

This has become my crafting corner lately where creativity meets spray paint. 

 There are so many little areas of the house that I’ve been trying to decorate for years. They either need some color, some decorative organizational piece or just a plain, cute accessory. Fortunately, I have quite the collection of supplies from thrift shops, Goodwill, garage sales or freebies. The hardest part for me is finding the time to experiment.
This is one transformation that actually didn’t turn out to be a flop.
$3 frame from Goodwill store (The nice thick matte caught my eye).
Enter spray paint (I just recently learned you could spray paint a matte! So exciting!) and some left over fabric lying around and vwala, a nice piece of art for the potty room.
I used to have a chalkboard in that space but with all the water and moisture, it didn’t hold up very well and began to warp. I think this dresses it up nicely!
And this is a sneak peek at a few accessories I’ll be using for an upcoming celebration I’m just so excited about. Love me some party planning!
In case it wasn’t obvious, the theme is WHITE…. More on that very soon!

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  1. Marisa, You can make the cheapest things look so elegant and expensive and custom. Just think what you’ll be able to do when you have thousands to spend on decorations!! You’ll have a palace!!

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