TreSoto Update

Well assuming, I don’t go into labor in the next 24 hours, tomorrow morning baby boy is getting evicted! That’s right. We are scheduled for yet again, another induction. So the plan includes dropping the girls off at Mimi & Bapa’s this evening, enjoying a nice, peaceful coffee/dessert date with the hubby, get a good night’s rest try to get a few hours of sleep, wake up at 4am, check in to the hospital at 5am, start some pitocin action around 6am, and from there, I have no expectations other than to get Soren the heck out!
It’s been quite the physical, emotional and mental roller-coaster for the past couple several weeks. I would probably be an absolute wreck and wallow in self pity (at least a whole lot more than I do) if it weren’t for these precious angels:

 Innocent, joyful, full of life and love who stop me dead in my tracks of irritability and frustration and force an unexpected,  spontaneous laugh out of my mouth when I’m on the verge of tears.

It’s amazing.
God’s timing, that is. 
I’ve been so worried during this pregnancy wondering how I would will do it…envisioning 3 little individuals all vying for mommy’s attention simultaneously, which I know is inevitable at times, but witnessing these 2 play, interact, cooperate and blossom lately sure has put me in a more peaceful state about the transition we are all about to embark on.
I’ve noticed a significant shift in the bond of these 2 recently. Which means a closeness that includes a lot of whining fighting working things out, but ultimately, lots of hugs, kisses, snuggles, squeals, and belly laughs.

 Here’s to an ordinary, wonderful, warm, glorious, uncomfortable and final day as a mommy of 2 and to a smooth labor & delivery of baby boy Soto!

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