Summer Time Fun!

I don’t think these 3 know just how lucky blessed they are…

Where can you go to take a break from work?

Where can you drive 7 miles and be in paradise?
…To be entertained by the world’s biggest canon ball splash 
(me, exaggerating? maybe just a tad, no offense, Dad)
…To receive free swimming lessons from the most loving,
most patient,
most fun
teachers around?
Where can you go to play in a customized, spacious, warm, baja-wading area covered in mosaic water creatures to entertain this little one as the ocean breeze cools her back?
…To have lots of snuggle time with momma? 
…To soak your aching feet (ignore the fact that I desperately need a pedicure) in refreshing salt water as you watch your babies play and sleep?
 And where can you go where even toy dolls are found relaxing and sun bathing???
The Emde Resort, of course.
(a.k.a. Mimi & Bapa’s!!!)
The kids and I are so very blessed to feel like we are vacationing every time we stop over for the day!

Happy Summering!
(and speaking of, can you believe we are already getting sneak previews of fall weather as well as fall catalogs in the mail and holiday hours coming to Target?!?! Don’t know about you, but this summer is flying by for us)

2 Responses to Summer Time Fun!

  1. HEY, just a few weeks since I last saw you and the tummy looks great! See…TOLD you it would go down quickly!

  2. The blessings are all ours! Marisa, absolutely awesome pictures! Your creativity and wit need to be capitalized on, somehow. You have quite the eye for photos and quite the mind for insightful, humorous observations. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to chronicle these most precious and memorable stages of the kids' lives. Love you, Dad

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