My Baby is 4!?!

I’m going to make this short because, well, the combination of post-pregnancy hormones with lack of sleep does not make it easy to reflect on the fourth year of your firstborn’s life without getting all weepy and frankly, losing it.
Alizea Ann,
You are such a wonderful little girl! Your zeal for life is a very special, very unique gift and makes living this life with you, an absolutely exhilarating ride. Daddy and I are constantly and prayerfully attempting to help refine the passion within you and channel it from wild recklessness to virtuous love.  Whew, what a challenge!
This last year has been filled with changes. You started the CLAA Petty (Pre) School and are now reading in Latin, counting to 100 in both Latin and English, beginning to add and subtract and excelling in your writing skills. You make momma work for the title of “mommy teacher” but I am learning to love the fight  tantrums challenges you bring to the table. You also started the “Catechism of the Good Shepherd” program, did very well for being one of the youngest and have made some special friendships (mommy included which has been an incredible blessing). You welcomed another sibling with incredible maturity, pride and excitement and you are just bursting with love for your baby brother. You continue to thoroughly enjoy dancing and ballet and anything that involves painting and messy crafts. You can go from 0 to 10 in seconds and because of this (despite your contending because you now know the meaning of this nickname) you are still our Spicy one. Another big change has been in your relationship with Daddy. What a turn about from the difficult transition 2 years ago upon his return from deployment. Now, you prefer his arms, his company, his stories, even his My Little Pony voices. As you enjoy your special day with him at Disneyland, your mommy is having a hard time finding the words to describe how proud I am of you and how much I love you! 
You bring me life and love that keeps on giving and knows no end. 
You make me laugh and cry and experience emotions in the depths of my soul that could only come from God’s love. 
Through my many mistakes and failings, you ultimately make me a better mommy and a better follower of Christ!

You are just beautiful! 
Happy Birthday, my princess!

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  1. HAPPY "Birth"day Alizea and to you guys. I/we miss you guys so much! Hope you guys are all doing well enjoying all these awesome and special milestones.

  2. Happy Birthday to my most joyful and happy niece! Your auntie loves you to pieces!! Hope you and your mommy can find something fun to buy with your two dollars! haha!

  3. More tears from readidng you love letter to our dear Alizea! She'll, without a doubt, treasure these reflections when she gets a little older.

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