Master Bedroom Complete (for now)

Well, slightly behind schedule but the little guy is definitely being stubborn cooperating so mommy can tie all the loose ends on a whole bunch of projects started about a month ago. 
After way too many trips to fabric stores, bringing samples home and going back and forth, and spending way too much time staring at rolls and rolls of beautiful colorful patterns, I finally settled on an accent color. I’m already second guessing it (hate how I do that) but for the money and time spent on sewing and painting, it’s easy enough to change up every couple of weeks season or so! I started out with a deep but bright green color, fabric courtesy of IKEA

 But I wasn’t crazy about it (of course). It looked great in the store on display but once I made the slipcovers and placed them on the bed, it felt too casual, too outdoors-ey you know? I like comfortable but it’s also our bedroom, it’s gotta have an element of sophistication and romanticism 😉 
Although I was very partial to the blues, I forced myself to take a break from my favorite color, expand my horizon a bit and choose something I wasn’t super comfortable with. Enter burnt orange. 
 Ah yes, much better!
This is the love wall. I still need to locate the glass for that lil white frame. I’ve got some neat letters from daddy when he was overseas to insert there and a few other little doodads to hang but the majority is done! yippee
 A little splash of orange-y coral color on this ‘breakfast in bed’ tray. Man, I make it so easy for daddy! Now there are no excuses to be catered to! 😉
 See that little set of love birds in the background? I picked them up at a garage sale. They used to look like this: 
And I got this mirror at IKEA for $9.99! Saw some others I liked better but for this price, I couldn’t pass it up! Since our bathroom is teeny tiny, I think this area is going to evolve into a vanity of sorts.
Glad it’s done and hopefully baby boy enjoys all my hard work! hehe

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  1. As wonderful as you can make an inexpensive item look, just think what you will do with the very expensive accents that Dean will make possible some day!!!!

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